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  • What I'm Playing: Looney Tunes World of Mayhem

    What I'm Playing: Looney Tunes World of Mayhem

    official site Yes, yet another iPhone/Android gachapon game, this time based on our beloved Saturday morning cartoon time with The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Show. I have unkind thoughts about this genre of game, but you know, if you make one with some character I will play it to level cap, and sometimes pay for a … Continue reading "What I'm Playing: Looney Tunes World of Mayhem"Read More »
  • Finishing Happy!

    Finishing Happy!

    Previously, on Happy! Done. Parts of this worked out well, as a violent fairy tale for Christmas. The mob boss's sister's reality TV show, bruja grandmother(?), and the sort of return of her son was both annoying as hell (fake-ass social media & TV people, ugh), and sometimes the only good parts of an episode; … Continue reading "Finishing Happy!"Read More »
  • What I'm Watching: Happy!

    What I'm Watching: Happy!

    So, this is adapted from a Grant Morrison comic. Grant's a crazy person; one of my favorites, but I think adapting his work is a memetic hazard, immanentizing the eschaton. Take Chris Meloni from Law & Order: SVU, and make him a washed-up drunk ex-cop Nick Sax. Add a CGI blue flying unicorn, imaginary friend … Continue reading "What I'm Watching: Happy!"Read More »
  • New Doom WAD "Sigil" From John Romero

    New Doom WAD "Sigil" From John Romero

    Sigil announcement Sigil page: BRING ME THE PEWTER HEAD OF JOHN ROMERO! Romero's E1M8b Romero's E1M4b GZDoom runtime: Modern graphics and sound support. Kinda shitty launcher to pick your WAD files, you better know how the Doom command-line works. GOG Ultimate Doom: You'll need the DOOM.WAD from here. Don't use their DOSBOX runtime, that sucks. … Continue reading "New Doom WAD "Sigil" From John Romero"Read More »
  • What I'm Watching: Shin Godzilla

    What I'm Watching: Shin Godzilla

    Trailer 2 for Godzilla King of Monsters 2019: While I was very disappointed by Godzilla 2014, this one looks good, especially Mosura is beautiful and dangerous. Recently I've watched the Godzilla anime, which are silly but sometimes fun. So, I felt I should rewatch Shin Godzilla, the most recent live-action Toho movie, by Hideaki Anno. … Continue reading "What I'm Watching: Shin Godzilla"Read More »
  • Lessons from Gutenberg

    Lessons from Gutenberg

    Lessons from Gutenberg Rian Rietveld Painfully awkward video of Dragon Naturally Speaking vs Gutenberg: By 2:48, I was saying "Motherfucker!" to my non-voice-controlled screen. It has 46 minutes to go. 💣 The codebase of Gutenberg is difficult for all of us, because no one in the wpa11y team is a skilled React developer. So it … Continue reading "Lessons from Gutenberg"Read More »
  • The Mother of All Demos

    The Mother of All Demos

    December 9, 1968, Douglas Engelbart's presentation of NLS and teleconferencing: Youtube: This is at 360p, most other uploads are at 240p fuzzy mud, I'd love to have a good HD one where I can read the text. Alas. TheDemo@50 "If in your office, you as an intellectual worker were supplied with a computer display, backed … Continue reading "The Mother of All Demos"Read More »
  • Apple is a Symbol

    Apple is a Symbol

    "If anyone reads this post I'm sure loads of people will tell me that my problems are all my own making and if only I invested in an iPhone all my problems would go away. Well you know what? APPLE IS A SYMBOL OF PRETENTIOUSNESS AND IGNORANCE - YOU DO NOT EVEN KNOW HOW YOUR … Continue reading "Apple is a Symbol"Read More »
  • WordPress updated

    WordPress updated

    Went ahead and updated to 5.0. And immediately hit a "No update required" bug, had to shell in and disable the cache. Great testing, Automattttttic. Took a look at Twenty Nineteen theme, but even after completely customizing the CSS, it was screwing with my layout in unpleasant ways. In 2019, blog columns are 640px wide, … Continue reading "WordPress updated"Read More »
  • China, Shenzen, and Quality Control

    China, Shenzen, and Quality Control

    Why Chinese People HATE Chinese Brands Fake Rolexes in Shenzen Why is Everything in CHINA FALLING APART? ADVChina channel on the youtubes And much more. There's a good lesson there, and it's not just in China, they're only the worst-case end scenario. I look at this shit and see us in 20 years. Beer (since … Continue reading "China, Shenzen, and Quality Control"Read More »

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