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  • Julia String Concatenation

    Julia String Concatenation

    Last time, I was uncertain about string concatenation, so I did a test: #!/usr/bin/env julia const kTestText = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789\n" const kLoops = 10000 function stringString() s = "" for i in 1:kLoops s = "$s$kTestText" end return s end function bufferString() sb = IOBuffer() for i in 1:kLoops print(sb, kTestText) end return String(take!(sb)) end function … Continue reading "Julia String Concatenation"Read More »
  • Twitpocalypse Now

    Twitpocalypse Now

    Third-Party Twitter Clients Remove Features as API Changes Loom The big winners of this so far have been ActivityPub servers, especially Mastodon, and, where I've seen a lot of people finally jump out of the boiling pot (I was gonna say "frogs" instead of "people", but the whole right-wing frog avatar thing…). My handles … Continue reading "Twitpocalypse Now"Read More »
  • Crow Wednesday Music

    Crow Wednesday Music

    Crow OST The Botanic Verses, by The March Violets Heavenly Bodies, by Gene Loves Jezebel Southern Death Cult: Not on iTunes, so here's a concert The CultRead More »
  • This Wednesday thing can go hump itself. I'm doing nothing and you can't make me.Read More »
  • More Julia

    More Julia

    Decided to take another day on Julia, write something more serious and see how that goes. There's an uber-juno "IDE" plugin for Atom, which at least turns on syntax highlighting and puts an interactive console in the editor. Yay. It's not capable of linting yet, though it says it is. So I'm rewriting a simple … Continue reading "More Julia"Read More »