Hire Mark

Indie life has been fun, but not especially profitable even when I ship, which I'm having a hard time doing again without a team, and I know from hard experience I shouldn't be running a business, advertising, or managing a team; I'm a nerd who makes software. So…

I'm looking for a new software engineering position. I'd prefer to write JavaScript front-end and back-end, but equally happy to do Objective-C (or just C!), or server-side Java or Python. I've been doing all of these for a decade or more, and I keep my skills up. I mostly do agile, originally Extreme Programming/Test-Driven Development.

I'd prefer remote work—you don't need me in your office to get work done, and I dislike losing a couple hours a day to commutes and office nonsense—but if you're not in the worst parts of the world, I'd consider moving. If you don't have snow, ever, that's a positive.

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