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  • MineTest Youstubes

    MineTest Youstubes

    So I like to watch videos of the games I play; maybe learn something, maybe just recognize "oh, I do that too". Parasocial but shared-ish experience. The problem with a free, open source, often Linux-based game is, nobody has working sound. And they really don't have working mics on their broken dumpster-dived Thinkpads, or video … Continue reading "MineTest Youstubes"Read More »
  • ORCs Versus the Evil Wizards

    ORCs Versus the Evil Wizards

    A summary of this thing I've been angry about on fediverse all week/month, and how it affects my plans. So, Wizards of the Coast/Hasbro had been working on their "One D&D"/6E playtest/previews, which has been previously held in only moderate contempt here. And then they decided to update the license. Since 2000, we've had … Continue reading "ORCs Versus the Evil Wizards"Read More »
  • RPG Tilemap

    RPG Tilemap

    I had a useful JavaScript utility hidden away in the source for my Stone Halls & Serpent Men game, so I extracted it into its own thing: Tilemap Especially with people doing the challenge, it may be helpful for quickly drawing a dungeon, roguelike style. I'm pondering doing a full wilderness + dungeon adventure … Continue reading "RPG Tilemap"Read More »
  • An Atari New Year!

    An Atari New Year!

    I spent a little time this evening making some fireworks for tomorrow night! Download, unzip, launch in your favorite Atari 800 emulator, like Atari800MacX Pick Y from the menu, ESC to end, reboot to get back to the menu. See you in a year! (I didn't get around to putting an emulator page on … Continue reading "An Atari New Year!"Read More »
  • Game Project Status Report

    Game Project Status Report

    OK, thinking about projects time, what I've done with my 3-year summer vacation (extended, 2022 edition). Scheme for local problems, sysadmin tasks, just general dorking around on the computer: 💯, best decision I've made in some time. In case it's not clear, Chez Scheme and Thunderchez. Schemers in general are annoying but less annoying than … Continue reading "Game Project Status Report"Read More »
  • Krautrock Friday Music

    Krautrock Friday Music

    Someday soon the Machines may be making music instead of Humans. Until then, here's some Machine-like music. Tangram, by Tangerine Dream The Keep Soundtrack, by Tangerine Dream Oxygene 7-13, by Jean-Michael Jarre Metamorphoses, by Jean-Michael Jarre Computer World, by KraftwerkRead More »
  • Sing


    Rather than my longer music playlists, I often just sing one song to fediverse, like this. It's a slightly manual process, but I have part of it automated: nowplaying.applescript #!/usr/bin/osascript tell application "Music" set t to current track set msg to (t's artist & " " & t's name) msg end tell urlencode #!/usr/bin/env python3 … Continue reading "Sing"Read More »
  • MineTest SurviveTest

    MineTest SurviveTest

    One of the games (modpacks) for MineTest I've been trying, is SurviveTest. It's much closer to vanilla MineTest Game, but with a good selection of mods to make a survival/mining game, and the developer is updating it regularly, and making youtube videos (in Portuguese, but you get the gist). The Awards panel is pretty good … Continue reading "MineTest SurviveTest"Read More »
  • Smurf You, Gargamel

    Smurf You, Gargamel

    Mastodon 4.0.2 has been released, with one of the worst UI choices ever: Changing "Toot!" to "Publish!" This aggression will not stand, man! stupidcomments.css - now changes it back to Toot!, and hides the mastodon image. Import this into Safari with Preferences, Advanced, Style Sheet. The sheet also blocks a lot of comment forms and … Continue reading "Smurf You, Gargamel"Read More »
  • How to Fediverse

    How to Fediverse

    Since everyone is finally joining Fediverse as the maniac burns down Twitter shitbird, I have some more advice, after 6 years on (plus some OStatus way back when): Don't be a dick. Be kind, and even if you like arguing (as I do), don't go off the rails. We're hopefully here to have fun and … Continue reading "How to Fediverse"Read More »


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