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  • MineTest skins

    MineTest skins

    So I hate the default adventurer skins, even if it's usually covered by armor and I use first-person camera. I have my own skin. But MineTest has no built-in config for skins! Mods to the rescue. On your world select, hit Select Mods, Find More Mods, and search for skinsdb, and smart inventory, install both. … Continue reading "MineTest skins"Read More »
  • What I'm Playing: MineTest, MineClone2

    What I'm Playing: MineTest, MineClone2

    So, ever since Microsoft bought Mojang, they've been boiling the frog, and finally with the "Xbox accounts" and 1.19.2 the Java edition has reached surveillance state nightmare (however ludicrous that sounds for a game… it's still a game we play) parity with Xbox Live Arcade (aka "NAMBLA") and the inferior mobile/"Bedrock" edition, and it's really … Continue reading "What I'm Playing: MineTest, MineClone2"Read More »
  • Gone from Suck to Blow

    Gone from Suck to Blow

    Want to move a URL or other text between your local computers, and they're not all Mac/iOS where universal pasteboard mostly works? There's smart ways, and then there's how I do it: # note: needs Apache turned on. sudo apachectl start mac% cd /Library/WebServer/Documents mac% sudo ln -s $HOME/Sites mac% cd mac% cat bin/blow #!/bin/zsh … Continue reading "Gone from Suck to Blow"Read More »
  • Star Trek Ranked

    Star Trek Ranked

    In the tone of The Last Star Wars Movie, every Star Trek thing ranked: The Original Series. Star Trek is, in short, Horatio Hornblower in space, the final frontier, exploring strange new worlds, and new civilizations. To boldly go where no (Hu)man has gone before. You know what works? Paying good SF writers to write … Continue reading "Star Trek Ranked"Read More »
  • Call of Cthulhu, final edition

    Call of Cthulhu, final edition

    I went in on the Call of Cthulhu 2E kickstarter and they finally got the box to me. What's in the Box, What's in the Box? It is tightly packed. The dice they include are kinda crap, sub-Chessex dark sparkly things, but that's expected. Instead get some good dice, GameScience or precision metal dice, OK? … Continue reading "Call of Cthulhu, final edition"Read More »
  • Lost Infrastructure of the 20th Century

    Lost Infrastructure of the 20th Century

    Horrific picture from Larry on ADDN: Now I'm wondering what other kinds of infrastructure of my yout' no longer exist. Growing up there were always old-timer stories of "oh we used to have horses and play hoop-and-stick! A live theatre show cost a penny!", but they never had useful tech and then lost it. Mentioned … Continue reading "Lost Infrastructure of the 20th Century"Read More »
  • Internet Archive Favorites

    Internet Archive Favorites

    Part of my workflow with Internet Archive is to favorite things I go back to a lot. But the fav page there is nigh-unusable, it lists in order from most recent fave to oldest, including duplicates (Huh?), and even sorting by title doesn't put related things together. So I made a tool, and generated Internet … Continue reading "Internet Archive Favorites"Read More »
  • What I'm Watching: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds S1E04

    What I'm Watching: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds S1E04

    I'm not gonna post every ep. S1E03 was a nice normal medical disaster ep, TOS had a bunch of those, every planet's full of plagues. Backstory for Number One and a bit for Dr M'Benga. S1E04 is a little more involved. **SPOILERS*** 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 … Continue reading "What I'm Watching: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds S1E04"Read More »
  • Dungeoning & Dragoning and My New Rules, No Clerics Allowed

    Dungeoning & Dragoning and My New Rules, No Clerics Allowed

    So I have, uh, three tabletop RPGs in development right now. One's a little corporate sabotage game, inspired by Severance, Brazil, Paranoia… One of my mini horror games with poor long-term survivability, but neat premise, should be fun. Second is my sword & planet RPG, still needs a lot of work for space & time … Continue reading "Dungeoning & Dragoning and My New Rules, No Clerics Allowed"Read More »
  • What I'm Watching: Love+Death+Robots S3

    What I'm Watching: Love+Death+Robots S3

    Previously, S1 part 1, S1 part 2, S2. Short season this time. No spoilers? Very Pulse of the Machine: Beautiful, adapted from a fine story by Michael Swanwick, which you should read everything he writes, especially Vacuum Flowers. ★★★★★ Mini-Dead: Horrific subject run at high speed and tilt-shift makes it adorable. ★★★★½ Mason's Rats: Mercilessly … Continue reading "What I'm Watching: Love+Death+Robots S3"Read More »

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