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  • What I'm Watching: Star Trek SNW S1E2

    What I'm Watching: Star Trek SNW S1E2

    Second episode greatly improved on the first. I guess I'm subscribed and watching this. Nobody is more surprised that Mark liked a modern Star Trek than Mark. SPOILER TIMES 2239 2240 2241 2242 2243 2244 2245 2246 2247 2248 2249 2250 2251 2252 2253 2254 2255 2256 2257 2258 2259 Mostly liked. The Captain's dinner … Continue reading "What I'm Watching: Star Trek SNW S1E2"Read More »
  • Chiptune Tuesday Music

    Chiptune Tuesday Music

    Summer Singles 2010/2020, by Anamanaguchi NO SUMMER NO CRY, by Slime Girls Descrambler, by Diskette ParkRead More »
  • Synthetic Sunday Music

    Synthetic Sunday Music

    Timewind, by Klaus Shulze (1975) Dune, by Klaus Shulze (1979) Silhouettes, by Klaus Shulze (2018) There's a single track of Deus Arrakis, the rest comes out June 10, 2022. Alpha Centuari, by Tangerine Dream (1971) Sorcerer soundtrack, by Tangerine Dream (1977) That one bit of Deus Arrakis got me fired up. The egg, the symbol … Continue reading "Synthetic Sunday Music"Read More »
  • What I'm Watching: Star Trek Strange New Worlds

    What I'm Watching: Star Trek Strange New Worlds

    So I haven't watched much of Star Trek: Discovery (STD, how unfortunate), the incompetent captain should've been fired… out a photon torpedo tube. There's apparently backstory to this series in it? But I'm gonna go ahead anyway. Better dead than Disco. And really I disdain all official Star Trek past TOS, TAS, movies I-VI (weird … Continue reading "What I'm Watching: Star Trek Strange New Worlds"Read More »
  • Trippy Tuesday Music

    Trippy Tuesday Music

    The Trip Out, by Crystal Method: Music videos for this album are really good, if you like flashing lights and Xscreensavers/iTunes visualizers with fight scenes (and who doesn't?) Overthinking Will Kill Your Reality Oh thank Cthulhu there's a way out. Just gotta think real hard. Lord of Chaos, by Killing Joke Community, by Diskette Park … Continue reading "Trippy Tuesday Music"Read More »
  • Alastair Reynolds Notes on Revenger

    Alastair Reynolds Notes on Revenger

    previously, Shadow Captain, Bone Silence previously, Revenger And now Reynolds has some photos of his journals developing Revenger, especially interesting for the speeds of the ships & worldlets, layouts of baubles, illustrations of Clackers and Skulls (I had pictured more of a dragon skull, this is more whale-like). The illustrations of the ships as fish … Continue reading "Alastair Reynolds Notes on Revenger"Read More »
  • What I'm Playing: Echoes of Mana

    What I'm Playing: Echoes of Mana

    Official site and game has just launched. Click thru Pre-Registration at the bottom for App Store/Google Play links, you should still get pre-reg bonuses for this first week, but I don't know when it ends. It's by Squenix and developed by Wright Flyer Studios, who previously did Another Eden and DanMachi, both of which got … Continue reading "What I'm Playing: Echoes of Mana"Read More »
  • A Computer is Like a Violin

    A Computer is Like a Violin

    Why Programming is a Good Medium for Expressing Poorly Understood and Sloppily­ Formulated Ideas, by Marvin Minsky (1967) LATITUDE OF EXPRESSION AND SPECIFICITY OF IDEAS Finally we come to the question of what to do when we want to write a program but our idea of what is to be done, or how to do … Continue reading "A Computer is Like a Violin"Read More »
  • Apple Destroys App Store History

    Apple Destroys App Store History

    Apple App Store wiping historical apps Note, currently all my old apps like Perilar, DungeonDice, etc. are off the store. They all still work. Apple wants me to pay $100 extortion, recompile a bunch of old code that maybe takes minutes, maybe hours or days of catching up to "modern" APIs, before I can resubmit. … Continue reading "Apple Destroys App Store History"Read More »
  • A Schemer in Common Lisp Land

    A Schemer in Common Lisp Land

    I got my Land of Lisp tshirt (shop is now closed), and thought for my weekend goof-off I'd read thru the book again and try actually using the Common Lisp examples; before I'd just converted it on the fly to Scheme, as I usually do with any Lisp stuff. But doing this exposed me to … Continue reading "A Schemer in Common Lisp Land"Read More »

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