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  • What I’m Watching: Wednesday

    What I’m Watching: Wednesday

    I dunno why I only watched E01 when it came out, catching up now. And mostly it’s fine. Sometimes excellent, but suffers from Netflix Wants Eight Episodes Syndrome, where it could be a good 90-120 minute movie instead. It’s very very blatantly Harry Potterage. The spooky old castle school Nevermore, with secret passages, four cliques … Continue reading "What I’m Watching: Wednesday"Read More »
  • What I’m Watching: Silo

    What I’m Watching: Silo

    Over on “TV” (Apple TV+, Apple now believing they own all proper nouns), an adaptation of Hugh Howey’s Wool (2011) and sequels. Currently S1E01-2 are out, and they’re trickling out more every Friday. That’s how they get you to keep a “TV” subscription. “We do not know why we are here. We do not know … Continue reading "What I’m Watching: Silo"Read More »
  • What I’m Playing: Honkai Star Rail

    What I’m Playing: Honkai Star Rail

    Official site mewodb resource list: Including the gift codes, enter those on the official site. Videos: Volkin, SevyPlays (screenshot gallery at bottom) In short, it’s a space fantasy RPG, turn-based combat, gacha but generally free-to-play (F2P) friendly. I’m running it on iPad, but it also has Android, Windows, soon Playstation. Like the company’s previous two … Continue reading "What I’m Playing: Honkai Star Rail"Read More »
  • What I’m Watching: Florida Man

    What I’m Watching: Florida Man

    I managed to watch a TV (‘flix) show! Florida Man (2023): Produced by Jason Bateman, so you should know what you’re getting into, but this is more funny white trash film noir than outright comedy. Mike Valentine (really? Star Wars-level joke names for romantic hero? played by Édgar Ramírez) is a degenerate gambler ex-cop in … Continue reading "What I’m Watching: Florida Man"Read More »
  • Gretchen, Stop Trying to Make ALAC Happen!

    Gretchen, Stop Trying to Make ALAC Happen!

    I have a bunch of FLAC files from an album I bought, it was that or low-quality MP3. iTunes (“”) doesn’t read FLAC, even tho it’s the industry standard for lossless audio. So I fought with ffmpeg (each “f” stands for “fuck you”), and it converted about half of them into usable files. Eventually I … Continue reading "Gretchen, Stop Trying to Make ALAC Happen!"Read More »
  • Angry Wires Monday Music

    Angry Wires Monday Music

    Chasing Ghosts, by Stabbing Westward MMXII, by Killing Joke Full Spectrum Dominance, by Killing Joke: video from new EP More to Hell, by Psyclon Nine: new to me, but they seem angry. Later: Meh, butt-alt-rock. I’m an atheist, and still think “there is no god!” is overly whiny for a chorus lyric. Dude, we know. … Continue reading "Angry Wires Monday Music"Read More »
  • Vim the Next Generation

    Vim the Next Generation

    So I figured I should modernize my Vim skills, from 1995 to 2023. A lot’s changed since I last configured Vim. Installed a modern MacVim, in my case sudo port install MacVim. It’s launched with mvim, but I just change alias v=mvim in my .zshrc In the code blocks below, ~% is my shell prompt, … Continue reading "Vim the Next Generation"Read More »
  • Scheme Parent Protocols

    Scheme Parent Protocols

    Here’s a subtle point of using Scheme (Chez, R6RS) records with inheritance: ;; creates a record, two default fields (define-record-type Foo (fields (mutable x) (mutable y)) (protocol (λ (new) (λ () (new 1 2) ))) ) ;; creates a subtype, one specified field (define-record-type Bar (parent Foo) (fields (mutable z)) (protocol (λ (super-new) (λ (z) … Continue reading "Scheme Parent Protocols"Read More »
  • Twin Peaks Tuesday Music

    Twin Peaks Tuesday Music

    Colt, by Hilary Woods: dreamy Twin Peaks soundtrack, by Angelo Badalamente: falling Birthmarks, by Hilary Woods Blue Velvet soundtrack, by Angelo Badalamente Loma, by LomaRead More »
  • Fighters Are Not Boring, Players Are

    Fighters Are Not Boring, Players Are

    My infrequent commentary on role-playing games, in particular the Old-School Renaissance. Internet Office Hours podcast: Fighters and what to do with them I don’t understand how fighters can be “boring”? They’re up front fighting, which is the most exciting role for most people. They can be mechanically simple, but of course you role-play and make … Continue reading "Fighters Are Not Boring, Players Are"Read More »


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