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  • Smurf You, Gargamel

    Smurf You, Gargamel

    Mastodon 4.0.2 has been released, with one of the worst UI choices ever: Changing "Toot!" to "Publish!" This aggression will not stand, man! stupidcomments.css - now changes it back to Toot!, and hides the mastodon image. Import this into Safari with Preferences, Advanced, Style Sheet. The sheet also blocks a lot of comment forms and … Continue reading "Smurf You, Gargamel"Read More »
  • How to Fediverse

    How to Fediverse

    Since everyone is finally joining Fediverse as the maniac burns down Twitter shitbird, I have some more advice, after 6 years on (plus some OStatus way back when): Don't be a dick. Be kind, and even if you like arguing (as I do), don't go off the rails. We're hopefully here to have fun and … Continue reading "How to Fediverse"Read More »
  • Spooktacular: Halloween 4-6

    Spooktacular: Halloween 4-6

    I thought I'd make it thru the entire series, but really three were at my dosage for the day. Still have H20, Resurrection, and End. I will get back to those, obviously everything up thru Nightmare Before Christmas time is still Halloween. **Halloween I-II: Previously. **Halloween III: Season of the Witch: Even more previously. Halloween … Continue reading "Spooktacular: Halloween 4-6"Read More »
  • Look on my Tweets, ye Mighty, and Despair

    Look on my Tweets, ye Mighty, and Despair

    And on the pedestal, these words appear: My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings; Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair! Nothing beside remains. Round the decay Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare The lone and level sands stretch far away. —"Ozymandias", Percy Bysshe Shelley Immediately after ElmoNusk came into shitbird central with … Continue reading "Look on my Tweets, ye Mighty, and Despair"Read More »
  • Apple Security "blog"

    Apple Security "blog"

    "It's a trick. It's not dead. Get an axe." Apple yet again unleashes "a blog" to "address the community", Apple Security this time. … I can't recall what the title of the last one was, it lasted like 2 posts a few years back. Same pattern: No author names No RSS No comments No way … Continue reading "Apple Security "blog""Read More »
  • IF Worlds of Science Fiction

    IF Worlds of Science Fiction

    IF Worlds of Science Fiction on I'd previously found a couple later years of this, but they've since uploaded almost the entire run. IF's heyday was earlier, then was consumed by Galaxy in '74, and had a short attempt at a relaunch in the '80s. Some fantastic stuff in here, Fritz Leiber, James Gunn, … Continue reading "IF Worlds of Science Fiction"Read More »
  • Building the Perfect Wednesday Music

    Building the Perfect Wednesday Music

    Building the Perfect Beast, by Don Henley Can't Buy a Thrill, by Steely Dan The Old Regime, by Steely Dan Boz Scaggs Out of the Blues, by Boz Scaggs Dukes of SeptemberRead More »
  • Spooktacular: Ginger Snaps Trilogy

    Spooktacular: Ginger Snaps Trilogy

    Ginger Snaps: Warning: Dogs die in this movie. So do people, but dogs are more sympathetic. In a shitty suburb somewhere in Canada, Brigitte (Emily Perkins) & Ginger (Katherine Isabelle) Fitzgerald are the cutest goth sisters, in love with death and horror, staging death scenes like Chainsaw & Dave from Summer School, but with less … Continue reading "Spooktacular: Ginger Snaps Trilogy"Read More »
  • Still Rockin' Saturday Music

    Still Rockin' Saturday Music

    Permanent Waves, by Rush: 1980 Begin the day with a friendly voice A companion unobtrusive Plays that song that's so elusive And the magic music makes your morning mood Clockwork Angels, by Rush: 2012 Flying in a Blue Dream, by Joe Satriani: 1989 Shapeshifting, by Joe Satriani: 2020 Hall of the Mountain Grill, by Hawkwind: … Continue reading "Still Rockin' Saturday Music"Read More »
  • Spooktacular: Corpse Bride

    Spooktacular: Corpse Bride

    Another animated toy movie by Tim Burton. Seen it a couple times. So a bland, personality-free, impoverished, moon-faced, aristocrat girl Victoria (as in "think of England", played by Emily Watson) is to marry a whiny, nervous fishmonger's son Victor (played by Johnny Depp), overly managed by their awful parents. Sidebar: Depp used to be a … Continue reading "Spooktacular: Corpse Bride"Read More »

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