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  • Nostalgia Sunday Music

    Nostalgia Sunday Music

    Somnia, by Hawkwind: New album! Senjutsu, by Iron Maiden: Animated samurai Eddie cover, still barely animated band. No More Tears 30th Anniversary, by Ozzy Osbourne: With some kind of "30th anniversary edition" of Hellraiser with Lemmy & Motörhead at the end of the album. Look, I remember getting No More Tears when it was new … Continue reading "Nostalgia Sunday Music"Read More »
  • Technical Tuesday Music

    Technical Tuesday Music

    Welcome Oblivion, by How to Destroy Angels: Trent Reznor, Mariqueen Maandig, Atticus Ross. SoundDiv EP, by Icon of Coil Seren EP, by Icon of Coil Dark Passenger, by Decoded Feedback The Blinding Dark, by Covenant Below the City, by Thyx All Good Things, by MachinesRead More »
  • What I'm Reading: Shadow Captain, Bone Silence by Alastair Reynolds

    What I'm Reading: Shadow Captain, Bone Silence by Alastair Reynolds

    previously, Revenger Shadow Captain follows the other, less crazy sister, as she tries to revenge herself on pirate Bosa Sennen, then keep their ship supplied, and gain clues about what Bosa was up to. Very much middle-of-trilogy syndrome, nothing happens that's necessary to the overall plot, but it's adequately more of the first volume. We … Continue reading "What I'm Reading: Shadow Captain, Bone Silence by Alastair Reynolds"Read More »
  • Automatic Tuesday Music

    Automatic Tuesday Music

    Some mechanical music, mostly more optimistic than usual. Got a long week ahead, try to make it thru. Automatic, by VNV Nation Futureperfect, by VNV Nation Nein Danke, by Apoptygma Berzerk Rocket Science, by Apoptygma Berzerk Tanzomat, by And One Fragment (deluxe), by Project Pitchfork Contact, by UFORead More »
  • The Death of iTunes

    The Death of iTunes

    So, I was listening to my last playlist, and realized I don't own one of the albums, so I figure I'll grab it off iTunes… No iTunes app. No "show in iTune Store" action on the album page (Share has since shown back up, because Apple Music is non-deterministic). There's an iTunes Store on my … Continue reading "The Death of iTunes"Read More »
  • Machines That Don't Work Thursday Music

    Machines That Don't Work Thursday Music

    We had some good machines But they don't work no more I loved you once Don't love you anymore —Shriekback, Faded Flowers Faded Flowers, by Shriekback: SUPER annoying, album Oil & Gold isn't on any streaming site now. But you should get it, by raising the black flag & slitting throats if necessary. Intro & … Continue reading "Machines That Don't Work Thursday Music"Read More »
  • Rick & Morty Season 5

    Rick & Morty Season 5

    Up to now, the long long wait for R&M S05 has been not worth it at all. I'm not quite at /r/rickandmorty levels of hate, but it's been pretty disappointing, like all the crap filler eps of past seasons put in one season. But E08 finally redeemed itself. "Mort Dinner Rick Andre": Good villain, plot's … Continue reading "Rick & Morty Season 5"Read More »
  • World Enough and Bandcamp Friday Music

    World Enough and Bandcamp Friday Music

    ODDfellows, by Information Society New InfoSoc! And Bandcamp gives all money to the artist on Friday, so today's the day to buy it.Read More »
  • Angry Nineties Thursday Music

    Angry Nineties Thursday Music

    Evil Empire, by Rage Against the Machine Badmotorfinger, by Soundgarden Facelift, by Alice in Chains Undertow, by TOOL Purple, by Stone Temple Pilots Downward Spiral, by Nine Inch NailsRead More »
  • Mitrasphere Adventurers Guild

    Mitrasphere Adventurers Guild

    Just a minor note, the latest update to Mitrasphere has added an Adventurer's Guild, as seen in every cliché but amusing fantasy anime & game. So much better than just face-grinding mobs, there's a task board of mobs to face-grind (and other tasks sometimes, probably not including walking dogs). I don't necessarily play a lot … Continue reading "Mitrasphere Adventurers Guild"Read More »

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