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  • Green and Blue Bubbles Again

    Green and Blue Bubbles Again

    Some disreputable right-wing rag is pushing the Google-paid-ad conspiracy theory that Apple promotes bullying to get kids to prefer blue bubbles and iMessage to green bubbles in Android trash. Whenever this comes up, the mainstream rags never mention the real difference: Security vs. insecurity, encryption vs. everyone in the world able to read your messages. … Continue reading "Green and Blue Bubbles Again"Read More »
  • Formatting Strings in Scheme

    Formatting Strings in Scheme

    Most of the time I use primitive display, or print functions: ;; displays a series of args to stdout (define (print . args) (for-each display args) (flush-output-port) ) ;; displays a series of args to stdout, then newline (define (println . args) (for-each display args) (newline) (flush-output-port) ) ;; displays a series of args to … Continue reading "Formatting Strings in Scheme"Read More »
  • Gambit hits a mark

    Gambit hits a mark

    (see, the X-Men Gambit has perfect aim and a stupid accent, which still makes him more interesting than Hawkeye; and of course I'm Mark and so is Marc) With much appreciated help from Marc Feeley, got maintest running. A couple of lessons: I very much think include paths should include the path of the main … Continue reading "Gambit hits a mark"Read More »
  • Gambit is a risky scheme

    Gambit is a risky scheme

    (puns about "scheme" names are mandatory) Neat: New version 4.9.4 of Gambit Scheme is out and they have a web site again after like 3 years. OK: So I start adapting my little module/how do you run example: here Bad: Not only does the R7 library system not work, their version of this hello example … Continue reading "Gambit is a risky scheme"Read More »
  • 2022 TODO

    2022 TODO

    No looking back. Burn our 2021 ships behind us. Forward is death or glory. Ship Haunted Dungeon. Work on other games which are not CRPG/roguelike for a while. Write more Scheme, maybe publish some of it. If Scheme's so efficient, why am I such a bum who can't ship? Playtest & ship my new tabletop … Continue reading "2022 TODO"Read More »
  • What I'm Watching: Matrix 2 Reloaded

    What I'm Watching: Matrix 2 Reloaded

    I rewatched the first one not that long ago, so I'm just picking up here. Starts again with not-actually-Trinity doing more action than the entirety of Matrix 4. But then slows to a dead crawl of politics, religion, and hobos in steam tunnels. Little bit of Carrie-Anne's titties. Racial representation of Earth is so much … Continue reading "What I'm Watching: Matrix 2 Reloaded"Read More »
  • Dear Santa

    Dear Santa

    Hey, Big Red. I'm… look, good and bad are relative terms at the best of times, but this whole year I ain't killed anyone nor committed insurrection against my country, so you're grading on a curve, right? Great. All I want is… it's a little harder than just some Star Wars figures… JWST launch to go … Continue reading "Dear Santa"Read More »
  • What I'm Watching: Matrix Resurrections

    What I'm Watching: Matrix Resurrections

    So to watch this, I've renewed hobomax. I appreciate the brave new world where you can actually watch a movie day/date of release, in the comfort of your home. Slightly less: I have to watch it on the computer, not the 5000" living room TV, because hobomax won't update their player for PS3, even tho … Continue reading "What I'm Watching: Matrix Resurrections"Read More »
  • Matrix Rain for Atari

    Matrix Rain for Atari

    I haven't seen the new movie yet, but I was in a mood to do something this primitive. Matriculated Rain: matrix.atr: Download, unzip, load in your Atari 8-bit computer or emulator of choice (Atari800MacX: ⌘D, select this as D1), and reboot (Atari800MacX: sh-F5). There's probably some way to ESCAPE. It'll go into attract mode eventually, … Continue reading "Matrix Rain for Atari"Read More »
  • Verizon Spyware

    Verizon Spyware

    Verizon's just turned on something they call "Custom Experience", which is tracking everything you do over their connection. So you want to go into your account, and you'll have to do this on the web because the mobile site just dumps you back to home page, and then Privacy Settings and disable every last switch … Continue reading "Verizon Spyware"Read More »

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