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  • VR Micro Online

    VR Micro Online

    I've got a new project in the works, VR Micro A shared infosystem based on spatial reasoning, a world of many interconnected maps, with documents and services physically represented as objects. Users have avatars and can see and interact with each other. The short version is, this is a file share, as a memory palace … Continue reading "VR Micro Online"Read More »
  • Fantasy Inspirations of My Youth

    Fantasy Inspirations of My Youth

    This is a good "why are you like this" challenge: If I'd been called on to run a D&D campaign at age 10 or 12, these are the images and plots I would have drawn on to provide the inspiration for my game. […] What were your earliest childhood fantasy inspirations? What did your fantasy … Continue reading "Fantasy Inspirations of My Youth"Read More »
  • What I'm Watching: Godzilla vs Kong

    What I'm Watching: Godzilla vs Kong

    Focuses much more on King Kong than King of the Monsters. I don't, I guess, object to that, but I'm a Gojira fan, not a "giant monkey whose story gets rebooted every 30 years like Spider-Man" fan. I'll try to keep this general, but I can't talk about a few things without SPOILERS. Bernie (Brian … Continue reading "What I'm Watching: Godzilla vs Kong"Read More »
  • Paranoid but Probably Correct Thoughts on Go

    Paranoid but Probably Correct Thoughts on Go

    You know how Rob Pike made Go as a weapon for controlling junior devs who can't be trusted with sharp objects? The key point here is our programmers are Googlers, they’re not researchers. They’re typically, fairly young, fresh out of school, probably learned Java, maybe learned C or C++, probably learned Python. They’re not capable … Continue reading "Paranoid but Probably Correct Thoughts on Go"Read More »
  • Alien Machinery Sunday Music

    Alien Machinery Sunday Music

    Conspiracy, by Funker Vogt Subconscious Landscapes, by Velvet Acid Christ MC 5f 14 6d 10 7s 2 7p 3, by Funker Vogt Artificial Extinction, by Hocico Dark Passenger (deluxe), by Decoded FeedbackRead More »
  • Raspberry Pi 400 Setup

    Raspberry Pi 400 Setup

    I got my RasPi400 after weeks of delay. WEEKS! What is this, 1980? (I wish) Keyboard is almost precisely the size & layout of the Apple Magic Keyboard, which is fine with me. The key travel's bad, like the lawsuit butterfly keyboard. I'm moderately unpleased with the keyboard touch, but it's definitely usable. I switch … Continue reading "Raspberry Pi 400 Setup"Read More »
  • What I'm Watching: Super-Duper-Man 1: Man of Steel

    What I'm Watching: Super-Duper-Man 1: Man of Steel

    So my plan is to watch the Snyder Trilogy. Man of Steel (2013), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), then Justice League (Snyder Cut, 2021). I am totally catching up on my film backlog. Hobomax has redesigned their site, the stupid profile select now takes 10 seconds to be clickable, and I only have … Continue reading "What I'm Watching: Super-Duper-Man 1: Man of Steel"Read More »
  • Rough and Sleazy Saturday Music

    Rough and Sleazy Saturday Music

    Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea, by PJ Harvey: Demos and variations Peepshow remastered, by Siouxsie & the Banshees Go Away White, by Bauhaus Born Again Anit-Christian, by Christian DeathRead More »
  • Cyberpunk Manga

    Cyberpunk Manga

    Most all of these are out of print, or so obscure that apparently I'm the only person I know who's ever read them. Blame!: Nihei Tsutomu, Blame! anime previously reviewed. Blame! Academy And So On: Nihei Tsutomu's art book, weird school side-story to Blame! Noise: Nihei Tsutomu, prequel to Blame! Digimortal: Nihei Tsutomu. Bleak and … Continue reading "Cyberpunk Manga"Read More »
  • What I'm Watching: The Head

    What I'm Watching: The Head

    An English-language (mostly), Spanish-made mini-series on hobomax. Remarkably good actors, cinematography, for the most part… though indoors scenes are heavily tinted cyan/orange. The disease of monochromism is spreading. I assume everything outdoors was shot in Norway, because it only shows Antarctic panoramas from stock footage, anything with characters is in a generic white void. Science … Continue reading "What I'm Watching: The Head"Read More »

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