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  • BBS


    My teenage years IRL were difficult; I grew up in a time and place where to be a nerd was as bad as being a fag, you'd get beaten or murdered for that by the inbred hillbilly apes. Happily, there were local BBS's full of other nerds, COMER (cbbs? Terrible people, but it had dnd, … Continue reading "BBS"Read More »
  • Kara Interviews Jack

    Kara Interviews Jack

    Jack Dorsey challenged Kara Swisher to a Twitter interview all the tweets But I can't read all the tweets in Safari, because the "moments" feature doesn't work: "403 Forbidden: The server understood the request, but is refusing to fulfill it." Reloading it in Chrome worked. Neither of them has me blocked. As @ashleyfeinberg wrote: ‚Äúpress … Continue reading "Kara Interviews Jack"Read More »
  • Cyberpunk Wasteland Wednesday Music

    Cyberpunk Wasteland Wednesday Music

    Wake Up the Coma, by Front Line Assembly Resist, by Within Temptation Weapon, by Skinny Puppy Die Toten Weg, by Fockewolf Electro Radiovengeance, VA Unit One, by MachineSoldier Beyond Humanity, by Interface Futronik Structures vol 5, VA on DSBP RecordsRead More »
  • AnotherEden Patch Update

    AnotherEden Patch Update

    We finally get an update notice, this is apparently not the one that'll remove Miyu, but if you want to get her, you should get in soon. And this will be the banner you'll want to do as many 10-pulls as you can on, because it's full of healers: I'm actually pretty good on healers … Continue reading "AnotherEden Patch Update"Read More »
  • What I'm Watching: Close

    What I'm Watching: Close

    Dumb rich party girl Sophie Nelisse (of The Book Thief) with a new inheritance goes to Morocco with new bodyguard Noomi Rapace (from the good Dragon Tattoo movies), shit goes bad, and bodyguard has to keep her alive and try to figure out who's behind it. None of which is particularly new or interesting by … Continue reading "What I'm Watching: Close"Read More »
  • You Can't Take the Sky from Saturday Music

    You Can't Take the Sky from Saturday Music

    Firefly soundtrack, by Greg Edmondson Serenity soundtrack, by David Newman Stargate soundtrack, by David Arnold Best of Stargate SG-1, by Joel Goldsmith "We're still flyin'. It's enough."Read More »
  • What I'm Watching: Kingdom (2019)

    What I'm Watching: Kingdom (2019)

    The Joseon period (14th-19th C) of Korea's their formative period, but a big blind spot for most Westerners. I know a fair amount about the ancient Mediterranean thru fall of Rome, and the Dark Ages thru Charlemagne; some Japanese and Chinese history because of chanbara and kung fu movies and books like Outlaws of the … Continue reading "What I'm Watching: Kingdom (2019)"Read More »
  • On a Beach in AnotherEden

    On a Beach in AnotherEden

    And I'll be here a while, killing crabs, bananas (third joke monster, after Plum Goblins and the spongmonkey-looking dudes at the Ogre sword fight), and blue "dragons" (barely even wyverns). The Last Island gear is 20 points better than anything else I've unlocked, it drops a ton of gold, and my gear situation was critical; … Continue reading "On a Beach in AnotherEden"Read More »
  • Learn2JS Updates

    Learn2JS Updates

    Added to my Learn2JS project, and it's fairly usable now for rapid development, I can move over the application logic of little tools and they just show up in the catalog and work. Still no live editor, you have to drop a script in lib or a user dir, but it's getting closer to instant-on … Continue reading "Learn2JS Updates"Read More »
  • Arianespace Flight VA247

    Arianespace Flight VA247

    Arianespace Flight VA247 Interesting differences from a SpaceX or NASA launch video. NASA does a terrible job of broadcasting their launches, they do good in-space video on NASA-TV, but the launches will usually show a burn and then some infographics and then cut off. NASA's public relations is the bare minimum, lowest-bidder attempt required by … Continue reading "Arianespace Flight VA247"Read More »

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