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  • Computer Archaeology: Public Caves Discovered!

    Computer Archaeology: Public Caves Discovered!

    Exploring the archives of the People's Computer Company (a public timesharing computer center in the early '70s, yes before home computers), and many of the programs we're familiar with from David H. Ahl's Creative Computing come from here. 15 different variations on guess the number and guess a coordinate, sure, but also some really important … Continue reading "Computer Archaeology: Public Caves Discovered!"Read More »
  • What I'm Watching: Code 8

    What I'm Watching: Code 8

    Code 8 (2019): Inexplicably, 4% of people have "powers": Brawn, Pyro, Cryo, Electric, Telekinetic, Telepath, Healer. You can make a pretty balanced City of Heroes party. But there's no costumed superheroes or supervillains, instead they do construction work, or are just petty criminals. So now the muggles have outlawed powers, and use "Guardians" (shitty human-sized … Continue reading "What I'm Watching: Code 8"Read More »
  • Maybe We Ain't That Young Anymore Monday Music

    Maybe We Ain't That Young Anymore Monday Music

    Born to Run, by Bruce Springsteen Nuthin' Fancy, by Lynyrd Skynyrd Spooky Lady's Sideshow, by Kris Kristofferson Darling, you know just what I'm here for So you're scared and you're thinking That maybe we ain't that young anymore Show a little faith, there's magic in the night You ain't a beauty, but, hey, you're alright … Continue reading "Maybe We Ain't That Young Anymore Monday Music"Read More »
  • What I'm Watching: Invisible Man (2020)

    What I'm Watching: Invisible Man (2020)

    So, a woman (Elisabeth Moss) who's apparently been given everything she wants, sabotages security systems and flees her husband's home in the night, releases his dog, dings his car. Then she acts like a prisoner in a "safe house" of a single black cop and his daughter, but never explains why. The husband (Oliver Jackson-Cohen, … Continue reading "What I'm Watching: Invisible Man (2020)"Read More »
  • New Machines On Ix Wednesday Music

    New Machines On Ix Wednesday Music

    WE ARE CHAOS, by Marilyn Manson Mourn (deluxe), by Assemblage23 Sinister Whisperz III, by My Life with the Thrill Kill KultRead More »
  • Haunted House

    Haunted House

    You are a bold and courageous person, afraid of nothing. High on the hilltop near your home there stands a dilapidated old mansion. Some say the place is haunted, but you don't believe in such myths. One dark and stormy night, a light appears in the topmost window in the tower of the old house. … Continue reading "Haunted House"Read More »
  • 9/11 Friday Music

    9/11 Friday Music

    Rio Grande Blood, by Ministry I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love, by My Chemical Romance Dying for the World, by WASP Dedicated to that piece of shit, incompetent, convicted war criminal George W Bush, who sat blank-brained thru kids reading "The Pet Goat" while his good friends from Saudi Arabia flew … Continue reading "9/11 Friday Music"Read More »
  • What I'm Watching: The Outsider

    What I'm Watching: The Outsider

    Miniseries on HoboMax based on a Stephen King novel; I haven't read him regularly since Gerald's Game, which I hated, so I'm not familiar, but if this is representative at all, which movies often are not of King's books, I should get back on the train. It's tangentially related to the Mr Mercedes series which … Continue reading "What I'm Watching: The Outsider"Read More »
  • FUDGE of Holding

    FUDGE of Holding

    FUDGE on Bundle of Holding I like Steffan O'Sullivan's FUDGE a lot. I've run a lot of pickup games in it for almost 30 years now, and some campaigns. Some people see the very loose rules and "pick whatever you want" as a toolkit that needs work, but it's perfectly valid to run as-is, you … Continue reading "FUDGE of Holding"Read More »
  • Funk Soul Tuesday Music

    Funk Soul Tuesday Music

    King Megatrip: Free music. A dozen "year in the soul society" mixtapes of great to weird funk/soul music (with interstitial samples from Bleach, which is an absolutely idiotic anime, but anyway.) Older mixtapes are all over the place, some good, some trash.Read More »

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