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  • Manga Recommendations

    Manga Recommendations

    Serious: Akira: Biker punks vs psychics in post-apocalyptic Neo-Tokyo. Fantastic cyberpunk art. Black Magic, Dominion, Appleseed, Ghost in the Shell, Orion: Shirow Masamune's meditations on AI control of unworthy Humanity. BLAME!: City grows out of control, a killer boy with a gravity gun blows up everything, searching for someone who can use a computer. Hotel … Continue reading "Manga Recommendations"Read More »
  • Retrowave Saturday Music

    Retrowave Saturday Music

    Something trancey to let me coast thru the weekend. NETRUN vol 1 NETRUN vol 2 NETRUN vol 3 DJ Mute City Halcyon Highways 12Read More »
  • J-Rock Saturday Music

    J-Rock Saturday Music

    Midnight Flower video, by Fence of Defense Sara, City Hunter 2 OST, by Fence of Defense Digitaglammy Show, by Fence of Defense featuring Daisuke Asakura Primitive New Essence, by Fence of Defense Unseen World, by BAND-MAID Unleash, by BAND-MAIDRead More »
  • Leap Thursday Music

    Leap Thursday Music

    NEW MINISTRY! So here's a bunch of other angry/sexy noises to go with it! I'm headbanging "Just Stop Oil"! HOPIUMFORTHEMASSES, by Ministry LET GO, by KMFDM DEATH CULT 8323 EP, by The Cult Dreamtime 2024 remaster, by The Cult Got Cock?, by Revolting Cocks Sinister Whisperz IV: The Bedroom Tapes, by My Life With the … Continue reading "Leap Thursday Music"Read More »
  • What I'm Watching: The Fall of the House of Usher

    What I'm Watching: The Fall of the House of Usher

    A fairly nice homage to Poe's work, 8 episodes which for once seems somewhat justified. None of the episodes are strongly based on a specific story or poem, but they do work most of them in. Occasionally people burst out in poetry like Cop Rock. Carla Gugino is great as "Verna" the psychopomp, Raven, spectre … Continue reading "What I'm Watching: The Fall of the House of Usher"Read More »
  • ZX Spectrum Next

    ZX Spectrum Next

    Backed this in Sep 2020. After 3.5 years of of antici… … … … … … pation, I finally have my SpecNext release 2! I don't have it set up in its final location in the living room yet, so it's replaced my side terminal on my desk. Ideally I'd like to have … Continue reading "ZX Spectrum Next"Read More »
  • Indecent Proposal: Linux

    Indecent Proposal: Linux

    Craig suggested a snarky Modest Proposal, start targeting Linux instead of Mac, if you recoil at Apple taking 30%. It's really 15% for most people in Small Business Program. In the Olden Times Before Ye Appe Store, distributors only would take 50% or more cut, publishers would take 70-90% cut; the App Store was a … Continue reading "Indecent Proposal: Linux"Read More »
  • New Machines Friday Morning Music

    New Machines Friday Morning Music

    Cycle of Life, by Aiboforcen This is My Battle Cry, by Ayria: About half of these are dumb synthpop, but title & several other tracks are real electronica. music video: You know I'm a junkie for anything with Soriyama robots, Flynn's, and neon. BlutKind Clicked, by Wumpscut Mechanical Symphony, by In Strict Confidence Transcendent, by … Continue reading "New Machines Friday Morning Music"Read More »
  • What I'm Watching: Rings of Power part 2

    What I'm Watching: Rings of Power part 2

    (I had this series of toots in my notes, apparently didn't publish. Whoops.) Previously on Rings of Power SPOILERS Galadriel continuing to be a badass, but shitty diplomat, is one of the best blundering D&D PC portrayals. Again has less than fuck-all to do with the book character, and I'm here for it. Dwarf: "I … Continue reading "What I'm Watching: Rings of Power part 2"Read More »
  • Public Domain Monster: Mouseling

    Public Domain Monster: Mouseling

    Mouseling (Swords & Wizardry stats) HD: 2d6, AC: 6[13], Attacks: Nip (d4) or Weapon (d6), Save: 16, Morale: 8, Move: 12, Align: Chaos, CL/XP: 2/30. Demi-humanoids with mouse-like features, no more than 3' tall. Surprisingly robust and rubbery, they can survive being stretched, dropped, bounced down stairs, hooked with cargo winches. As characters, they may … Continue reading "Public Domain Monster: Mouseling"Read More »

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