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  • Science Fiction on the

    Science Fiction on the

    In light of asshole publishers attacking Hachette Book Group, Inc., Harpercollins Publishers LLC, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., and Penguin Random House LLC. Libraries are important, and we need to do everything to protect the biggest one in the world. So here's some SF, mostly cyberpunk, mostly POC or marginalized protagonists, mostly collapsing urban … Continue reading "Science Fiction on the"Read More »
  • What I'm Watching: Rodan, more Watchmen

    What I'm Watching: Rodan, more Watchmen

    Rodan (1956): A mining company has unexplained flooding, and miners die cut up. Suspicion falls on Goro the brawler… Engineer Sageru is sure he's not guilty, and reassures Goro's sister Kiyu—ah, Honda Ishiro's romances. Every film needs a pretty boy & girl, even if all they say to each other are their names. It only … Continue reading "What I'm Watching: Rodan, more Watchmen"Read More »
  • What I'm Watching: Godzilla Raids Again, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, The Player

    What I'm Watching: Godzilla Raids Again, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, The Player

    More of my HBO Max queue. I absolutely hate that they make me choose my profile every single time. I have one profile, it's a purple cock-ring that says "Mark" in it, there is zero reason to make me choose a profile every new window! Netflix now lets you choose movie characters for your profile … Continue reading "What I'm Watching: Godzilla Raids Again, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, The Player"Read More »
  • What I'm Watching: HoboMax

    What I'm Watching: HoboMax

    Hey, Beastmaster's On (seriously it was on a lot in the afternoons) Hobotime (when you couldn't decide between HBO or Showtime) Skinemax (ah, scrambled cable porn; to this day, static makes me horny (no not really (well, kinda))) I was ignoring the HBO "Max" launch, but Rolling Stone ran basically an ad/listicle of great movies … Continue reading "What I'm Watching: HoboMax"Read More »
  • Morning Playlist

    Morning Playlist

    I don't have store/play links for these, this is all local, the playlist I listen to many mornings, pick a random start point and play forward. This'll wake you up. Song Album Artist Where Do I Begin (edit) Dig Your Own Hole Chemical Brothers Neurosis Drama Bitter:Sweet Nth Degree Morningwood Morningwood One Too Many Mornings … Continue reading "Morning Playlist"Read More »
  • Death of Blogging as a Service

    Death of Blogging as a Service

    Via n-gate, because I no longer read and have actively blocked h4xx04 n00z, but still like to laugh at the monkeys in the cage: TTTThis whines: "Blogs used to exist because there were blogging platforms." I started to reply to this, but I think this is a troll? 90% sure. But like The Onion, Landover … Continue reading "Death of Blogging as a Service"Read More »
  • Spokes and Hubs

    Spokes and Hubs

    Firefox is extremely annoying using Hubs in fullscreen. Open a tab, type about:config as location, and set: full-screen-api.warning.timeout: 0 pointer-lock-api.warning.timeout: 0 This time I did the tutorial for Spoke—which you should absolutely sit thru, and try out as you go—and then made a scene based on the Material Test. Well, first I tried to edit … Continue reading "Spokes and Hubs"Read More »
  • Trying out Mozilla Hubs

    Trying out Mozilla Hubs

    Mozilla Hubs is a VR/3D chat room, sort of like IMVU, Second Life, etc, except semi-private instances. That should be quite interesting. It doesn't need a client, it uses the browser, so I opened it in Firefox, assuming they're favoring their own. Whoo, listen to those computer fans, this thing runs hot, to get me … Continue reading "Trying out Mozilla Hubs"Read More »
  • Alternative '80s Sunday Music

    Alternative '80s Sunday Music

    Alternative Hits: 1980 Alternative Hits: 1981 Alternative Hits: 1982 Alternative Hits: 1983 Alternative Hits: 1984 Feeling retro, and lazy. At the time we had just elected an insane, senile old man who was out-acted by a chimp; who was going to start World War III with the Soviet Union, and he deliberately ignored AIDS so … Continue reading "Alternative '80s Sunday Music"Read More »
  • Business Casual

    Business Casual

    Business Casual vaporwave discography: The entire discography, 257 albums/EPs, is PWYW. Which I had quite a few already, but threw $5 in to get the rest, and really I should be giving them $BIGNUM but I don't have it to spare. If you like new wave/electronica/modern vaporwave, grab this and give them as much as … Continue reading "Business Casual"Read More »

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