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  • It Has a Crank All Right

    It Has a Crank All Right

    Panic announces Playdate It's being fellated by the usual MacMacs: "This is fucking amazing." But, it's… a small, ugly, awkward, yellow toy with a pointless crank, and a black & white non-backlit screen at about twice the resolution of the original GameBoy of 30 years ago. It has 12 unknown games, and may never have any … Continue reading "It Has a Crank All Right"Read More »
  • Support Me on Patreon!

    Support Me on Patreon!

    With the BBS going public, and soon a real release of Perilar Fallen Kingdom, it's time for you to help me keep doing this! Become a Patron! I'd at least like to get my hosting costs under control, and anything over that goes to me making cool games and apps for art, instead of boring … Continue reading "Support Me on Patreon!"Read More »
  • Mystic Dungeon BBS Update

    Mystic Dungeon BBS Update

    I just added a doorgame conversion of Lost Treasure to Mystic Dungeon BBS; just go into the Door Games menu and hit L. Just a little toy to compete on the high score list. Mystic Dungeon doorgame got a new patch, mostly just fixing display bugs, but I've nerfed poisons & paralysis to scale by … Continue reading "Mystic Dungeon BBS Update"Read More »
  • The Best SF Author of All Time

    The Best SF Author of All Time

    So, I can't actually pick one, or even rank ten, but by decade (when they made the works most important to me) it's down to a short list: 1830s: Edgar Allen Poe … long empty stretch … 1890s: H.G. Wells … shorter empty stretch … 1930s: H.P. Lovecraft 1940s: A.E. Van Vogt 1950s: H. Beam … Continue reading "The Best SF Author of All Time"Read More »
  • Terminal Condition

    Terminal Condition

    I spend half my time, easily, in a command-line terminal running zsh. So a new one, even one on an OS I don't run, is interesting: Microsoft's new Windows Terminal, Jony Ive-style promo video, and source code on Microsoft® GitHub™ There are some modern, nice conveniences in this. It's a little ways behind Mac … Continue reading "Terminal Condition"Read More »
  • Tower of Babble

    Tower of Babble

    Programmers almost compulsively make new languages; within just a few years of there being computers, multiple competing languages appeared: 1948-1952: First stored-program computers 1952: Laning & Zierler System; IBM Speedcoding by John W. Backus 1955: FLOW-MATIC, by Grace Hopper 1957: FORTRAN, by John W. Backus 1958: LISP, by John McCarthy 1958: ALGOL, by ACM-GAMM committee … Continue reading "Tower of Babble"Read More »
  • Alice's Thursday Music

    Alice's Thursday Music

    Killer, by Alice Cooper: Really just listen to "Under My Wheels", "Desperado", and "Killer". School's Out Billion Dollar Babies Muscle of Love: End of the original band Welcome to My Nightmare: First of his solo act Goes to Hell, by Alice Cooper Vincent Damon Furnier's journey from glam-pop Bowie-wannabe into the "Alice Cooper" character and … Continue reading "Alice's Thursday Music"Read More »
  • Eldritch World

    Eldritch World

    I wrote a text adventure: Eldritch World for the LISP Game Jam 2019 It's like 15% complete, you can reach the first of four "recursions"/other worlds but then you're stuck. And today it only has a Mac console binary (you can run it from source on other platforms, with a little effort), I'll get on … Continue reading "Eldritch World"Read More »
  • The Future is Monday Music

    The Future is Monday Music

    Automatic, by VNV Nation 21st Century Boys, by Sigue Sigue Sputnik The Looks or the Lifestyle, by Pop Will Eat Itself Stranger than Fiction, by Bad Religion Tenebrae Vision, by Cyberaktif And here's some happy reading material about the future we could've had, if Humans hadn't been such deranged warmongers, and instead spent our money … Continue reading "The Future is Monday Music"Read More »
  • TODO App

    TODO App

    I'm yet again frustrated by the state of checklist TODO apps. I had a perfect one once, ToDo on the Palm Pilot; aesthetically it was of its time, but for usability on a stylus-based PDA it was perfect. Everything since then has been a compromise. Must: Run locally on iPhone and Mac. Sync automagically, preferably … Continue reading "TODO App"Read More »

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