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  • Désenchantée Friday Music

    Désenchantée Friday Music

    Histoires de, by Mylène Farmer: A "best of", 1 disc of live performances (the À Bercy performances were the best of her career), and 2 discs fairly deep cuts. I have all of her studio albums and some live, but if you don't this seems like a fantastic way to get almost everything. If you're … Continue reading "Désenchantée Friday Music"Read More »
  • 3d6 Six Times in Order

    3d6 Six Times in Order

    I was looking at my Gamma World 1E and GW1 Legion of Gold reprints from drivethrurpg — the first RPG I ever ran, and my one true love system, tho my old copy was destroyed by flooding decades ago — and discovered that even in 1978, the rot had set in, tho I ignored it … Continue reading "3d6 Six Times in Order"Read More »
  • Textfiles


    Looking for VT100 documentation, I found a folder of textfiles VT100 animations, including the classic Bambi vs. Godzilla. Slightly difficult to watch on any modern computer, so save this script: (works on Mac & other Unix-likes, wtf knows what Windows does for clear and reset.) Use: % ~/Downloads/bambi_godzila.txt 500 [update 2021-01-14, encoding] #!/usr/bin/env … Continue reading "Textfiles"Read More »
  • What I'm Watching: Warrior

    What I'm Watching: Warrior

    On Hobomax. Based, allegedly, on notes by Bruce Lee in the '70s, it's a kung fu series in 1876 SF Chinatown. Produced by Jason Lin of 2Fast2Furious2Legit2Quit, and Bruce Lee's daughter. Right from the start, there's a nice mix of actual kung fu halfway between Bruce Lee's actual beat-em-ups and physical comedy like Jackie Chan's … Continue reading "What I'm Watching: Warrior"Read More »
  • Final Hours of the Apocalypse Thursday Music

    Final Hours of the Apocalypse Thursday Music

    Animal Crossing is in its final hours of 2020… Oh, reality is, too? Ick. This is the Day… This is the Hour… This is This!, by Pop Will Eat Itself: Can U Dig It, Inject Me Cure for Sanity, by Pop Will Eat Itself: Dance of the Mad Bastards, Very Metal Noise Pollution Blind, by Corrosion of … Continue reading "Final Hours of the Apocalypse Thursday Music"Read More »
  • Prog Rock 2020 Away Sunday Music

    Prog Rock 2020 Away Sunday Music

    Face the Music, by Electric Light Orchestra Time, by Electric Light Orchestra The Serpent is Rising, by Styx Equinox, by Styx The Grand Illusion, by Styx In the Court of the Crimson King, by King Crimson — great up to title track, annoying jazz at the end. In the Wake of Poseidon, by King Crimson … Continue reading "Prog Rock 2020 Away Sunday Music"Read More »
  • Informational Hygiene Directives

    Informational Hygiene Directives

    That's what I call my rules around contacting me, and getting a (non-vulgar) reply from me. This is brought to mind by Wednesday's spam mail reaching my contact address, and why that made me so mad. Casual, "hey what about" messages: Social media, currently — if this changes, it'll be in the About page. … Continue reading "Informational Hygiene Directives"Read More »
  • Junk Mail from WordPress dot com

    Junk Mail from WordPress dot com

    In a move almost surgically designed to piss me off, Automattic[sic] sent me junk mail "Claim your Ultimate Traffic Guide". Which after you click thru, tells you "Save $100! Only $17!" for a pamphlet of SEO marketing poison. Every single thing in there is evil. Sending junk mail to my service addresses for blogs; I've … Continue reading "Junk Mail from WordPress dot com"Read More »
  • Live Monday Music

    Live Monday Music

    50 Live, by Hawkwind Live at Rock of Ages, by Blue Öyster Cult Bring on the Night Live, by StingRead More »
  • Basic Games in Scheme

    Basic Games in Scheme

    The first project I write in any new language is usually a guess-the-number game, a die roller, or an RPN calculator, then I start collecting those and other toys and utilities into a single "main menu" program, and use that to drive me to develop my libraries, play with different algorithms. Occasionally it's useful, mostly … Continue reading "Basic Games in Scheme"Read More »

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