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  • Rick Roll Thursday Music

    Rick Roll Thursday Music

    Beautiful Life, by Rick Astley The Very Best of Johnny Hates Jazz Four Winds, by Tangier: Switching to more bluesy here. Freeways, by Bachman-Turner Overdrive What always amuses me about the Rick Roll is I grew up with Rick Astley's music, he's a really good R&B-pop singer. "Never Gonna Give You Up" isn't my favorite … Continue reading "Rick Roll Thursday Music"Read More »
  • Minecraft 2011

    Minecraft 2011

    Was searching for another file, and found my Minecraft screenshots from my first real world. I bought it 2010-09-29, just before the Halloween update, but didn't really play much until the next spring; Alpha was buggy as hell, you can't imagine. Beta 1.3_01 was much more stable, and I settled down. I'm 90% sure WORLD … Continue reading "Minecraft 2011"Read More »
  • A Little More Magia Record

    A Little More Magia Record

    The JP site has little weekly update comics, which have mostly been translated by fans: Magia Report S1 Magia Report S2 Mostly just gags about bad pulls and events after they're over (in JP timeline; the EN timeline should be following the same pattern eventually), but a few honestly great jokes about Madoka like the … Continue reading "A Little More Magia Record"Read More »
  • What I'm Playing: Magia Record

    What I'm Playing: Magia Record

    Magia Record official EN site A Puella Magi Madoka Magica mobage! It's very cutesy, aimed at teenage Japanese girls and horny otaku boys, so I'm not likely to play very long, but I really did enjoy the anime series. If you haven't seen it yet, go watch that at the very least up to episode … Continue reading "What I'm Playing: Magia Record"Read More »
  • What I'm Watching: Dark

    What I'm Watching: Dark

    (Needed a little break from EVA which brings up both happy and terribly sad memories for me… So something "dark" instead) Dark is a German Twin Peaks/12 Monkeys/La Jetée/Stranger Things/The Caves of Time CYOA mashup. Kids go missing in the woods around a nuclear power plant. Terrible English dubbing, often gravelly old people for the … Continue reading "What I'm Watching: Dark"Read More »
  • Neon Wednesday Music

    Neon Wednesday Music

    Flamingo Drive-In, by Quixotic Stray, by Diskette Park Trackpoint, by Diskette Park PS-EXE.exe, by System ST91 VaporDisk, by System ST91 Better Than Reality, by LukHash Akuma II, by Alex & Tokyo Rose Several of these /via xtheo, which is a fantastic synthwave & '80s tumbleblog/moodboard. Note with Soundcloud, you need to hit the hamburger menu … Continue reading "Neon Wednesday Music"Read More »
  • Y C?

    Y C?

    As a system programming language, C still deserves learning today lobsters comments C has the great virtue that most computers have a C compiler installed or can get one from the vendor, and by typing: % clang -o thing thing.c # or gcc if you must. You get a binary that'll run on that platform. … Continue reading "Y C?"Read More »
  • Project UFO

    Project UFO

    Harry Reid wants to believe Project Blue Book Which one is correct? Let's think about this from the other direction. Could we buzz another planet, today, in a way that makes "UFO sightings are ALIENS!" make any kind of sense? Premise 1: It is incredibly unlikely that any "intelligent" species, having recently developed from hunter-gatherers … Continue reading "Project UFO"Read More »
  • Laser Floyd Friday Music

    Laser Floyd Friday Music

    Dark Side of the Moon, by Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here, by Pink Floyd The Wall, by Pink Floyd Tales from Topographic Oceans (Deluxe Edition), by YesRead More »
  • Evangelion Session 4: E11-12

    Evangelion Session 4: E11-12

    Almost normal mecha show episodes: NERV HQ is shut down by unknown attackers by unknown means so everyone has to infiltrate the base and do a launch manually. Security really isn't very good when the power's down, three children are able to break into NERV. And then the orbital bombardment… Accurately understands the kinetic power … Continue reading "Evangelion Session 4: E11-12"Read More »

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