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  • Old Man in the Woods Way of Argument Parsing

    Old Man in the Woods Way of Argument Parsing

    So, my premise is that only developers use command lines anymore. And after years of corporate enslavement, it's nice to run off to the woods, make a log cabin and all your tools yourself. Therefore the best way to parse arguments in Scheme is: (define debug ) (define outfile ) (define infiles '()) (define (main … Continue reading "Old Man in the Woods Way of Argument Parsing"Read More »
  • Spooktacular: Rob Zombie's The Munsters (2022)

    Spooktacular: Rob Zombie's The Munsters (2022)

    A prequel origin story we never asked for. Setting seems to be a random mix of 19th to mid-20th C Transylvania by way of overacting and bad jokes. Every shot is lit with colored gels or neon, it's like Atomic Blonde got drunk and threw up on the screen. Opens with a series of vignettes. … Continue reading "Spooktacular: Rob Zombie's The Munsters (2022)"Read More »
  • Spooktacular: Halloween I-II

    Spooktacular: Halloween I-II

    Halloween (1978): I always forget this opens with little Mikey murdering his sister's tits (all we can see thru the mask), it's not a flashback later. Carpenter has a heavy hand with his soundtrack, which is awesome but often overpowers the dialogue in scenes. Adult Michael Myers (Tony Moran) escaping from an institution in the … Continue reading "Spooktacular: Halloween I-II"Read More »
  • Spooktacular: Coraline

    Spooktacular: Coraline

    Never saw or read this, despite a lot of Neil Gaiman in my bookshelf. The stop-motion throughout is amazing. And preposterously expensive and time-consuming, to produce a thing that 80% of the time would be possible live-action, 10% would require some SFX, 10% would need CGI or painted cartoons. It does stand out, but Coraline … Continue reading "Spooktacular: Coraline"Read More »
  • Quitting Elder Scrolls Online

    Quitting Elder Scrolls Online

    I've been playing Elder Scrolls Online since 2014, beta. I have a monkey and a map made of paper (if you know what that means). Today I hit the end of my sub period, and nothing's got better from the last 2 updates, or next. ESO has become another bad card game on top of … Continue reading "Quitting Elder Scrolls Online"Read More »
  • Halloween Movie Spooktacular: Beetlejuice

    Halloween Movie Spooktacular: Beetlejuice

    Every day is Halloween 🎃 to me, but for the next month+week, I'm in full spooky times. I've pulled up my entire horror/weirdo movie list, and I'm going thru them. Some are new to me, some very old. Beetlejuice: 👻 Beetlejuice 👺 BEETLEJUICE. Geena Davis is so goddamned cute it hurts, but her rustic gingham … Continue reading "Halloween Movie Spooktacular: Beetlejuice"Read More »
  • Nintendo Direct Switch

    Nintendo Direct Switch

    Presented by Yoshiaki Koizumi, not Yoshi. Yesterday, Mr Mori the Animal Crossing youstuber predicted there'd be some AC news. As usual, I bold anything interesting. Fire Emblem N-Gage: Bringing back mobile gameplay from a long-obsolete phone/console. Seriously, 100% gachapon nonsense instead of a tac RPG, everyone involved in this should curl up and die of … Continue reading "Nintendo Direct Switch"Read More »
  • What I'm Watching: Free Guy

    What I'm Watching: Free Guy

    Deadpool is a nebbish bank teller NPC "Guy" in Knock-off Grand Theft Auto Online, who becomes self-aware. Knock-off WildStyle (Jodie Comer, the knock-off of Liz Banks) is looking for the SECRET DATA that will FREE THE SYSTEM. There's a lot of idiot players running around shooting things, which is OK, but there are very few … Continue reading "What I'm Watching: Free Guy"Read More »
  • Back to Posting Friday Music

    Back to Posting Friday Music

    Haven't done a music post in a while. Lotta new music to cover, and I'm angry at how stupid people are, so great combo! Hyëna, by KMFDM Patient Number 9, by Ozzy Osbourne: NEW OZZY in 2022?! HTF? Moral Hygiene, by Ministry Mondo Sex Head, by Rob Zombie Paradise, by KMFDM Modernism, by SpectraParisRead More »
  • What I'm Watching: Nope, Everything Everywhere All At Once, The One

    What I'm Watching: Nope, Everything Everywhere All At Once, The One

    Nope (2022): Jordan Peele's latest is fine. It's a better Twilight Zone ep than his Twilight Zone eps, but never gets as "Nope" as Get Out or Us. The "alien abduction is something else" story is adequate, OJ's (Daniel Kaluuya) borderline-ASD behavior and animal training focus are useful protagonist skills, as is Emerald's (Keke Palmer) … Continue reading "What I'm Watching: Nope, Everything Everywhere All At Once, The One"Read More »

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