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  • What I'm Watching: Green Eggs & Ham

    What I'm Watching: Green Eggs & Ham

    "I'm not great with kids." "Ha! Oh, you're not so great with adults, either. Or Chickeraffes. Or really anyone." —Guy Am-I & Sam I-Am Yes, the Netflix cartoon of the Dr Seuss book. And this time, it's properly animated, and not infested with Mike Myers. The book was just a short journey into madness with … Continue reading "What I'm Watching: Green Eggs & Ham"Read More »
  • Spoony Bard Monday Music

    Spoony Bard Monday Music

    Dragonborn Comes, by Malukah I Follow the Moon, by Malukah Rise from the Dark, by Malukah Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr, by Brad Derrick Elder Scrolls Online: Music of Tamriel vol. 2, by Brad Derrick I don't even mind "Ragnar the Red" when Malukah sings it. I've routinely mass-murdered many of the out-of-tune bards and then … Continue reading "Spoony Bard Monday Music"Read More »
  • What I'm Watching: Age of the Living Dead

    What I'm Watching: Age of the Living Dead

    British show on Amazon Prime, and it often shows in their hilariously inept, incompetent, outright stupid misunderstandings of US distances, environments, politics, and military forces, and many of the actors can't manage an American accent. Best not to take this seriously. Vampire plague spreads across the eastern US, Humans flee West, and somehow, explained in … Continue reading "What I'm Watching: Age of the Living Dead"Read More »
  • What I'm Watching: Family Blood

    What I'm Watching: Family Blood

    A morning driving around in sunlight and dealing with the morning people made me wish for eternal darkness. Skipped over some bullshit soap operas and Buffy ripoffs with teenage vampires, found one adult vampire flick on Netflix. Family Blood: Starts with the last moments of a vampire wrecking a family, so you know what kind … Continue reading "What I'm Watching: Family Blood"Read More »
  • What I'm Watching: Agatha Christie

    What I'm Watching: Agatha Christie

    The ABC Murders (2018, Amazon Prime): John Malkovitch is a fine actor. Sadly, he is 30cm too tall, very not Belgian, his accent fades in and out even in the same scene, and wouldn't shave down to a moustache, instead keeping a slightly scruffy Van Dyke which he ridiculously dyes in the first ep. Perhaps … Continue reading "What I'm Watching: Agatha Christie"Read More »
  • SwiftUI, SceneKit, AR, and Facebook's React are the new JavaFX

    SwiftUI, SceneKit, AR, and Facebook's React are the new JavaFX

    That is all. OK, will clarify for those who don't know about JavaFX: It was a new UI metaphor/declarative model on top of Java Swing, which is a giant bloated mess on top of Java AWT, which was a thin, minimally-functional shim on top of native platform UI, usually just CPU-bound drawing in a canvas. … Continue reading "SwiftUI, SceneKit, AR, and Facebook's React are the new JavaFX"Read More »
  • What I'm Watching: Goliath S3

    What I'm Watching: Goliath S3

    S1 and S2 were great scrappy lawyers vs giant foe shows, with some treachery and Billy's shitty personal life (and incidentally, he should very obviously have been named "David" instead, the writers really dropped the sling stone there). Fantastic work. Billy Bob Thornton and Nina Arianda are fantastic in these seasons. S3 has Billy, inexplicably … Continue reading "What I'm Watching: Goliath S3"Read More »
  • Halloween Thursday Music

    Halloween Thursday Music

    Halloween After Dark Halloween Screenfest Scary Halloween Stories: I didn't know there were this many spoken-word pieces on Apple Music! Excellent suggestions from Apple Music. I sometimes wonder if there's anyone still there doing human-curated music, which was the whole selling point of Beats Music, and then run across something like this.Read More »
  • Programming the Atari 8-bit

    Programming the Atari 8-bit

    My programming started in 1979 with the TRS-80 Model I, but in late 1981? early 1982?, I got my Atari 800, and later a 1200XL, then Atari ST. Those are what I consider "my computers". Last few weeks for hobby time, I've taken up playing with an Atari 8-bit emulator, and may soon buy an … Continue reading "Programming the Atari 8-bit"Read More »
  • Where Did Music Go?

    Where Did Music Go?

    Listening to these performances from 1979, when I was a kid, and they sound so much better than anything new. "A lot of you might not've heard it, because we've only just become fashionable." —Lemmy, 1979, throwing all the shade at new-fans It is very weird to me that there's been basically no new music … Continue reading "Where Did Music Go?"Read More »

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