Propaganda Doesn't Work

Watching Twitch (Sh*utF*ctory plays original MST3K! The new guy is lame.) has exposed me to "advertising". Some are just DVD sales, like In the Mouth of Madness, Bill & Ted's, etc. Nice. Some are weird "comedic" ad placeholders for Sh*utF*ctory. But some are paid propaganda, and it's comically ineffective on me.

There's an imitation-muppet anti-vaping ad that plays an airhorn every time the stoner/vaping muppet says anything, while a bunch of preachy muppets give him no support for his interests. Now I want to start vaping, and also hit the pot and liquor stores.

Back in the '80s, I might still have taken drugs (some of which are now legal, and anyway, statute of limitations) even if DARE had never shown up at school, but they made it almost mandatory: If those people were against drugs, they had to be good.

If I have any advice for young people, it's: Take drugs, drop out of school (I deeply regret staying in prison^W school), and disregard any authority telling you not to do things.