Updated 2021-04-28


  • World's still on fire but not, like, doused in gasoline. Actually it is, we just have less matches. No, same number. Uh. Steadier hands?
  • Updating Mac to Big Sur, Xcode to current version, and I'm full of hate. But my phone stuff will be back up soon.
  • Looking for work again, updated LinkedIn. If you've called me, I was probably doing things. Try again.
  • While gathering information, I was thinking about memory palaces, so I created VR Micro which will soon be a usable system, with a public spec.
  • Working on a tiny RPG/DQ1-like in Chez Scheme, "Darkened World", to work out the kinks in my setup. Then back to Perilar.
  • Writing on my tabletop RPGs. Currently doing layout in Pages, which is less annoying than I recalled.
  • New Media page.

what's a "Now" page?