Updated 2020-05-21


  • Everything's in a holding pattern.
  • Trying out Mozilla Hubs as a virtual reality/world-building tool.
  • Fooling around with Tunnels & Trolls, maybe? Comfort gaming, not challenge. Maybe write up my game materials and publish?
  • Listening to old music, and new music that is an almost exact copy of old music. Change is bad, I fear change.
  • Consulting again? Still no effective progress. Emails that go nowhere.
  • Playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Addiction is currently at the 2-3 hour per day level, sometimes as low as 1, where I'd like to be.
  • Playing Elder Scrolls Online, barely logging in for writs, maybe a dragon daily. Greymoor starts next week, so I guess that'll go up.
  • Exercising: Been too lazy to walk. New exercise shirts arriving this week, which will motivate me, yes?
  • Trying not to stress out about the plague too much.
  • Reading all of the Knights of the Dinner Table comics.


  • Finish up PortalWorlds to a 1.0 quality.
    • TODO: Monster missiles & special attacks.
    • Audio works, if a bit tricky to get going in Safari.
    • Updating my Learn2JS project to ES2020, and using that as a stable library for front-end JS apps, starting with PortalWorlds.
  • Writing Primeval Adventure, my new tabletop RPG.
    • Working on the overworld adventure. Might do a "mass" combat system (still 1:1 scale, but simplified for troops)?
    • Setting up a Roll20 game for playtest.
  • Reading Peter F. Hamilton's Salvation, review
  • Working on Perilar: Dark Weaver. Level generation is coming along well, dungeon passages are still dead-ending each other too much.
  • Coding, probably remove the text editor, make it easy to install & write your own TTMS-76 carts.
  • Writing Scheme For Software Engineering. I have a very rough outline for the first part, and some code examples. Second part's incoherent notes and a bunch of noise in my wiring. But there's something to this.
  • Would like to do a Scheme for Beginners book like '80s BASIC books, but low priority/time.


  • Watching more Netflix, write reviews. Kingdom S2, Castlevania S3, Altered Carbon S2, Bordertown S1-3.
  • Reread Ghost in the Shell, I have uses for this.
  • Reread Brian Aldiss' Galactic Empires, I have uses for this, too.


what's a "Now" page?