Updated 2020-08-04


  • Everything's in a holding pattern.
  • Updated MysticDungeon to have backend database, user accounts, Portal and Umbral updated to use it.
  • Update TTMS-76 this week.
  • Finish up PortalWorlds to a 1.0 quality.
    • TODO: Monster missiles & special attacks.
    • TODO: Update version.
  • Playing more ESO, Animal Crossing
    • ESO would be fine if load times, lag, and crashing weren't so infuriating.
    • Animal Crossing villagers really missed me with a month off.
    • SaGa RS has already fallen off, largely just lack of new content except the winter holiday events, which they're running in summer?!
  • Writing Primeval Adventure, my new tabletop RPG.
    • Working on the overworld adventure.
    • Might do a "mass" combat system (still 1:1 scale, but simplified for troops)?
    • Setting up a Roll20 game for playtest.
  • Exercising: Short walk with dog every day, so there's that. Gotta get a second, harder session in sometime.


  • Perilar: Dark Weaver needs some really serious engine work, get it ported to Chez so it'll be faster.
    • Level generation is coming along well, dungeon passages are still dead-ending each other too much.
  • Writing Scheme For Software Engineering. I have a very rough outline for the first part, and some code examples. Second part's incoherent notes and a bunch of noise in my wiring. But there's something to this.
  • Would like to do a Scheme for Beginners book like '80s BASIC books, but low priority/time.
  • Consulting again? Still no effective progress. Emails that go nowhere.


  • Mozilla Hubs currently requires me to use Blender or Unity to make scenes, which then I may as well just ship Unity? No, I hate it. If they get the editor to a point where I can put random textures on random objects like Second Life did 15 years ago, I'm interested again.
  • Minecraft: New Nether's a pain in the ass. Will take a lot of work to tame it & keep psycho piglins out of my work areas.

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