J-Pop Tuesday Music

2017 and 2018 were slow years, but at least the EPs show there's something coming. PassCode's interesting, another idol band changing style as they grow up, in their case doing both chiptune/rock and metal, "XYZ" could just as easily be an Anamanaguchi track.

'80s Japan Sunday Music

And more from the same channel. A few tracks rock out, a few are too much jazz or disco for my taste, but mostly pretty great light JPop. I ain't always gotta be blasting industrial noise, you know?

Electronic Idol Friday Night Music

Annoying, Apple Music has quit showing me a Favorites and Chill playlist. I don't know if they just quit doing it, or if my old iTunes version (I can still manage apps) isn't showing it. This is how all Apple stuff decays as they quit maintaining it under Timmy Cook. Will the last person to board the Apple Panopticon Spaceship for Comet Hale-Bopp please turn out the lights?