Black Coffee in Friday Music


Why isn't there a show about coffee? Like, set entirely in a coffee shop (Friends and Frasier spent only some time there, too much time in preposterously large apartments). Only talking about coffee. Wacky coffee-related hijinks, or grim dark Scandinavian-style coffee-related drama. Licensed brand coffee, good stuff, available in every store.

Coffee ☕️

Good morning, it is time for:

  • Coffee
  • Coffee Ipsum
    "Mazagran rich mazagran aged dripper, coffee variety at aged extraction a roast. Ut single shot espresso, coffee blue mountain organic crema shop. Macchiato, arabica americano turkish aftertaste single shot dripper. Frappuccino, white macchiato single origin carajillo, filter turkish cultivar et sugar. Single shot, that blue mountain ristretto at, wings viennese trifecta strong instant roast."
  • Black Blood of the Earth: I should try this. Or I should definitely NOT. I should try this.
  • 100 Cups of Coffee

Many Coffee Machines on Ix. New Machines.

My new coffee buddy, Ninja CF087. I can't be trusted to make french press first thing in the morning. 4 size settings by 4 brew densities, and a timer, for $99 at Bed Space Above & Beyond. Also, comes with a milk frother and a 135-page book of recipes for coffee drinks and foods. That's a dangerous way to feed my habit.

First half-pot on "rich" is only ★★★½☆, drinkable and strong but not the tastiest, but that's as much because I'm at the tail end of a bag of beans. I think it'll be better with new beans.

It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion.
It is by the beans of Java that thoughts acquire speed,
The hands acquire shakes,
The shakes become a warning,
It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion.
—Mentat scribe Mark Stein


Solid Coffee and Capsule Silence Tuesday Music

My coffee today is just mud; I can't see a spoon more than 2cm deep into it, and it tastes like all the beans were just moistened into mud, not diffused. Gaah. I'm still drinking it, but I'm not happy.

You know what still makes me happy? Anamanaguchi:


Hey Siri

Every morning I get up, plug in my phone & iPad, make coffee in a French press, and say to my watch, "Hey Siri set a timer for 4 minutes". At least 2, sometimes 3 other devices (finally on Sierra just in time for High-as-in-grass Sierra to come out) beep and try to catch that. Usually they all fail except the watch. If they do succeed, I now get timers going off in multiple places, because despite Continuity nothin communicates this state.

And Apple wants an Apple TV and Apple Home to join that mob of Siris.