scheme-brained-hare from Simply Scheme by Brian Harvey and Matthew Wright

  • My Scheme Stuff:
  • Information:
    • Scheme Wiki: Everything you wanted to know about Scheme, maintained by the community.
    • SRFI archive: All of the standard libraries.
    • IRC: on
  • Books:
  • Implementations (That I Use):
    • Chez Scheme: One of the fastest Schemes, requires a runtime blob, very limited libraries, fantastic REPL with inline editing, R6RS version.
    • Chicken Scheme: Fairly slow compiler & interpreter, compiles to adequately fast native binaries, enormous library selection, shitty low-tech REPL, R5RS/R7RS hybrid.
    • Gerbil Scheme: Reasonably fast, compiles to fast native binaries, limited library selection, adequate REPL, R7RS + new object model.
    • (many many more are listed on the Scheme Wiki)

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