Basic Games in Scheme

I use this little project to test algorithms and libraries, but it's marginally fun to play with some of these.

  1. Install Chez Scheme
    • Works on Mac and Linux. Might be usable in WSL on Windows?
  2. ./basicss, type ? at the prompt for interactive fun.
    > ?
    acey, aceyducey     Card game of Hi/Lo.
    bagel               Guess a 3-digit number with place hints.
    banner W H TEXT...  Draw a banner, each char WxH sized, max 10.
    bofh                BOFH Excuse Generator.
    d, dice N S         Roll N number dice of S sides.
    guess               Guess a number 1-100 with hi/lo hints.
    hangman             Guess the word before you hang.
    hello [NAME]        Say hello.
    hurkle              Catch the Hurkle.
    maze W H            Maze generator. W H are size, 8+
    seabattle           Sea battle.
    slash W H           Simple slash maze generator. W H are size, 8+
    stars               Guess a number 1-100 with star hints.
    wordsearch [FILENAME [ALPHABET]]Create a word search puzzle, words from filename or entered by hand.
    ?, help             Show this help.
    quit                Quit.
  3. ./basicss wordsearch puzzle.txt 0123456789 for word search with words from puzzle.txt (one per line), and a new filler alphabet of just numbers.

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