Oh, look, there's a new American Horror Story season on Netflix! Oh, fuck, it's about politics and that fucking election. AHS is supposed to be tacky, campy parody horror, not literally the scariest story of the last 30 years. Hard nope.

I need something not as terrible & dark to watch, and I have no idea where to start. Something uplifting or at least where the body count is under 50%, and on Netflix or 'Zon Prime.

Kimmy Schmidt was briefly funny in S1, but no.

Important sanity-preserving note: "Don't read the comments" especially applies to Haxxor Nooz, Readdat, and Stuck Underflown (anti-SEO naming). Where's the "block" button on these sites, other than just blocking the whole site? And everyone I want to block has a "score" over 10K.

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