Got the Snowy Saturday Music Blues

Gonna look thru the new blues section in Apple Music, see what's good. I don't vouch for any of these yet, will update with notes.

What to Watch When You're Watching Nothing

Dealing with family medical stuff this week, every damn thing has been piled up, I get zero time to work or play. When I can finally sit down, can't concentrate on a real show.

Netflix has "Slow TV: Train Ride Bergen to Oslo", 7 hours of a train through cold wilderness and tunnels. I just wish the town signs didn't BONG and the conductor would shut up at stops. Drink my coffee, try to read this Elmore Leonard book, this could be really peaceful.

Between interruptions, I've made it 105 minutes down the track in four days.

I tolerate but dislike cold, but I think I'd like Sweden or similar, out in the boonies with nobody around who speaks English or wants anything from me. ☕️??

Miitomo End of Life

When Miitomo came out, I thought finally, Nintendo had got a clue about online services, made someplace that could be a hub for your "Nintendo identity", let you make custom Miis to play in other games, or even use as avatars for other places, hook up chat and friends list for all other Nintendo games…

But, none of that happened. It stayed a small closed service that connected to nothing, never let you do more than change clothes, change the wallpaper and flooring of your tiny empty room, and chatter at annoying questions, the talking people do when they have nothing to say.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has its own much more primitive avatars and limited set of clothing, at least it's active for now, but there's very little "social" to it.

Some years ago, I went into Line Play with someone, and despite spending no money, just freebie coins, I ended up decorating this house, which is still there (had to stitch some screenshots together, there's no "photograph whole room", only a video capture). This is what Miitomo should've been like:

Line Play house

Stop Whining About Musical Abundance Wednesday Music

If you want to listen to an album, it's right there, in Apple Music, or presumably Spotify or whatever, which is why I mostly link to albums in my semi-daily music posts. If you want things outside your usual tastes, go hit Browse and find something. Or listen to one of Apple's "radio" stations; Zane Lowe just plays intolerable disco crap for ADHD babies, but there are others.

Anyway. Here's some hostile mechanical music to replace your whiny sentimental humanity: