Death to Freenode, Long Live the New Flesh^W^W Libera Chat

So, on Tuesday, Freenode IRC blew up: FAQ
This is where a lot of software development chat happens. So for a rich, Trumpian, bitcoiner, Korean royalty, asshole to take it over by treachery is just unacceptable.

And so the staff and users have moved over to Libera Chat — as of today, it has more online users than Freenode.

Most of the channels I'm in have moved quickly, so I shut off Freenode this morning. If you need me, I'm in and others, as mdhughes.

A few usage & system bot notes:

  • Staff info channel:
  • NickServ: /msg nickserv help
  • ChanServ: /msg chanserv help
  • Channel List Service: /msg alis help list
  • Cloak: join -cloak and /topic