Craft Beer

90% legit, however the only canned craft beers I can get locally are Irish Death, Fremont Brewing, and Maui Brewing, none of which are that small and regional; you have to be canning a lot for cans to be cheaper than bottles.

Obviously it's a great honor to be sacrificed to Ninkasi.

What I'm Drinking

  • Space Goat Pale Ale by Big Sky Brewing. Bought for the awesome name/label, and I like Moose Drool, their flagship brew. Cap says "LESS PANTS MORE BANJO", which is at least half good advice. Initial flavor/aroma was almost skunky, extremely unpleasant. Settled after a few minutes and became a slightly too hoppy, too watery ale, only 5% ABV. I've had better lagers for half the price. Sadly would not recommend this. ★★☆☆☆

  • Pacific Rain by Ninkasi Brewing. This is fabulous. "Northwest Pale", light but not watery, a little bit fruity. Only 5.4% ABV which is light for Ninkasi, not a challenging beer (no Arrogant Bastard-ness here) but one of the nicest beers ever. ★★★★★