All my little software tools, things that don't belong on the Software Gallery.

  • BasicSS: Basic Games in Scheme.
  • Bookmarklets: Little scripts to run in your browser. Monochrome Dark & Light, View Source, Birbsite.
  • ImageUtil: Java command-line image-processing utility.
  • Learn2JS: Skeleton for quickly building JS applications. As close as modern tech can get to a BASIC "READY" prompt!
  • Notes Export
  • Runes: Text filter to convert ASCII sequences into nice Unicode or emoji.
  • StupidComments.css: For Safari, a CSS stylesheet to hide stupid comments on the Internet. Unzip, read the instructions in the css file. [updated 2022-12-01]
  • ThoughtPy: Markdown-based command-line note-taking tool.
  • Utility/Filter/Basic2List: Filter utility for writing BASIC on your desktop, porting to microcomputers.


Antique (old but usable):

  • JICB 1.12: Cross-platform Java client for the ICB chat network, with a nice little scripting system.
  • RealCalc: Just a sample Object Pascal program.
  • ThoughtPad: Java note-taking tool.

Obsolete (not usable):

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