Craft Beer

90% legit, however the only canned craft beers I can get locally are Irish Death, Fremont Brewing, and Maui Brewing, none of which are that small and regional; you have to be canning a lot for cans to be cheaper than bottles.

Obviously it's a great honor to be sacrificed to Ninkasi.

'80s Japan Sunday Music

And more from the same channel. A few tracks rock out, a few are too much jazz or disco for my taste, but mostly pretty great light JPop. I ain't always gotta be blasting industrial noise, you know?

Bruce Schneier r/IAmA, and Five Eyes Backdoor Bullshit

This "just give us a secure backdoor!" bullshit is just infuriating to anyone who can think.

Any programmer can write a new crypto program without the officially mandated backdoor. Even if the Stasi5 banned all existing interpreters and compilers (and watch the economy burn when we can't write any programs), we could rewrite a crypto program in assembly, type character codes into a text editor, save it and run it with a buffer overflow, and now we could communicate securely, while everyone else was completely exposed. Banning all computers? You'd also have to ban all electronics that could be used to make a new computer. Starting a new Dark Age with a Butlerian Jihad burning all computers is literally the only way to stop people from having strong cryptography.

The only purpose of the "secure backdoor" is to let governments spy on law-abiding citizens. It can serve no other purpose. Time for us to end the "intelligence" agencies and set up something new.

That_one_Pizza: "Your opinion on pineapple on pizza?"
BruceSchneier: "The 1973 Council of Naples authorized fourteen pizza toppings, and pineapple was not one of them."

Hawaiian Pizza: The pizza of rebels. Never let the Man tell you what you can have on your 'za.