Machines Love Friday Music 2

(ha, realized on publish I've used this exact title before, for a very different set)

Spoony Bard Monday Music

I don't even mind "Ragnar the Red" when Malukah sings it. I've routinely mass-murdered many of the out-of-tune bards and then all the patrons in taverns (in Skyrim; not yet in real life but don't press me!). One thing I hate in ESO is you can't kill bad bards. You can leave a tavern filled with corpses and necromantic minions, and the bard'll keep singing.

Lester Bangs Sunday Music

So the playlist:

So I was thinking about Lester Bangs, who basically taught me how to write with his reviews (which explains a lot, you know? I had higher ambitions but some rambling reviews with moments of clarity and profanity are what I can manage), then remembered Bruce Sterling wrote an alt-history biography "Dori Bangs" about him and Dori Seda hooking up, reread it. Fucking fantastic and a little heartbreaking, highly recommend it.