Assemblage 23 "Mourn" Preview Thursday Music

Out on 9/11. Ha ha do you remember when we lost our minds at a few thousand dead Americans, but now our so-called "President" is letting hundreds of thousands die by his incompetence and lies? Ah, good innocent times. Mourn's been in production much longer than the current disaster, but sounds very appropriate.

Alternative '80s Sunday Music

Feeling retro, and lazy. At the time we had just elected an insane, senile old man who was out-acted by a chimp; who was going to start World War III with the Soviet Union, and he deliberately ignored AIDS so it'd kill the gays; and his VP was a CIA spook psychopath.

We got thru it, but a lot of people suffered and died, our country was irreparably damaged by their stupid Evangelical "Republican" policies, but at least we had amazing music, movies, fashion, and MTV.

It's worse this time around, and modern music, movies, and fashion suck, and all we have is Youtube. Ugh.

Solitary Sunday Music

In this picture stands a man
Far away, alone and distant
Like a solitary field
In some nameless foreign land
All around him points of light
Start to dim and cease transmitting
VNV Nation, "Solitary"

Forgotten Future Friday Music