Time and Space Wednesday Music

Feeling like some prog, spacey rock, á la Venture Bros.

Apple Music was no help today:

apple music blank albums

I'm really not "into" Michael Jackson, especially not twice. I assume it took him appearing on GotG Awesome Mix as support. So I just went thru and hit Dislike on every one of the little creep's albums, hopefully this never happens again. I keep suggesting to Apple Music to let us block an artist we don't like so they never reappear, and they've done no such thing. Somewhat ironic: His last few albums were Invincible and Immortal; not so much.

Keep on Rockin' in Wednesday Music

Guardians of the Galaxy 3

Hell yeah. I grew up with some of my favorite comics being ROM Spaceknight, Nova, Rocket Raccoon, Adam Warlock (in Marvel Presents, I think?), and so on… the Marvel space series were so much better than their ground superheroes. While the films are a little trashy, they're fun trash, and the music was just awesome.

But then some Nazis doxxed Gunn and Disney was like "I'm shocked, shocked I say, to discover that the writer of Tromeo & Juliet makes dirty jokes!", but happily have seen sense since everyone involved wanted him back.

So here's the music again: