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  1. mdhughes says:

    @chrispederick @cassinato @jack Looks like that’ll be next on my queue, then!

  2. johnjohnston says:

    @Cassinato @jack @mdhughes can’t agree more about Detectorists. Perfect telly. Smile gust thinking about it. I could manage another Christmas Special?

  3. @Cassinato @jack @mdhughes Another vote for The Detectorists! I love that show and it is such a breath of fresh air compared to most other shows on TV.

  4. Cassinato says:

    @jack @mdhughes YES YES YES YES YES… for The Detectorists. Get the box set, 3 series (6 eps each) plus the Christmas special that came after series 2. I dare you not to love the theme tune. All of the characters, even the minor ones, are portrayed brilliantly. The ending is perfect. Some of the jokes are British culture specific, but the majority is scenario dependant and will ‘translate’ to US sensibility easily. I’d love to see more, the characters are great, but I don’t want them to make any more. Be like Fawlty Towers – what they’ve done is perfect.

  5. the says:

    @jack The Detectorists is a great call. It has a wonderful British charm.

  6. jack says:

    @mdhughes The Good Place, maybe. I wanted to hate it but couldn’t. Otherwise, my favorite series from the past several years has been “The Detectorists”. Odd, but I loved it. It’s like the opposite of everything else on T.V.

  7. mdhughes says:

    @mdhughes I tried watching Portlandia, and it might be funny without Fred, the ugliest & creepiest monster ever created by Stan Winston.

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