I revived & updated an old JS tech demo and I’m starting to add tools (and very trivial games, if I feel nostalgic).


I wrote the first version of this in BASIC back around 1980-2, and I’ve been using my Python version with more tools, but this is prettier.

What I’m Watching: Death in Paradise

  • Death in Paradise: Dorkiest of all dorky English dork DIs Dick Poole is sent to a Carribean island to solve the weekly mystery murders with sexy local DI Camille Bordey and goofy island cops (Dwayne is Danny John-Jules, Cat of Red Dwarf fame!). Too perfectly fit puzzles, no random craziness, but good comfort watching.

    [Update 2018-03-07] S3 replaces Dick with Humphrey Dogood or some such, hapless and disorganized, almost a parody of a detective, and many eps use repetitive flashbacks, and people standing next to people monologuing, rather than conversations. The supposed screenwriter in one ep is writing a script full of novel-like editorializing, rather than an actual script, which suggests to me they fired all the writers and hired amateurs. Looking at the list of episodes backs that up; eps not written by Robert Thorogood are mostly dire. The appearance of Clarke Peters (Lester Freamon!) is a nice surprise. I miss ’80s TV shows that would recycle actors constantly.


Many Coffee Machines on Ix. New Machines.

My new coffee buddy, Ninja CF087. I can’t be trusted to make french press first thing in the morning. 4 size settings by 4 brew densities, and a timer, for $99 at Bed Space Above & Beyond. Also, comes with a milk frother and a 135-page book of recipes for coffee drinks and foods. That’s a dangerous way to feed my habit.

First half-pot on “rich” is only ★★★½☆, drinkable and strong but not the tastiest, but that’s as much because I’m at the tail end of a bag of beans. I think it’ll be better with new beans.

It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion.
It is by the beans of Java that thoughts acquire speed,
The hands acquire shakes,
The shakes become a warning,
It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion.
—Mentat scribe Mark Stein