Internet Archive Favorites

The stuff I've found that I like on Internet Archive, loosely sorted.


Basic Computer Games Microcomputer Edition

Creator: Workman Publishing Company

Date: 1978

More basic computer games

Creator: ['Ahl, David H', 'North, Steve']

Date: 1979

David Ahl's Basic computer adventures : 10 treks & travels through time & space

Creator: Ahl, David H

Date: 1986

The Best of Creative computing

Creator: ['Ahl, David H', 'Green, Burchenal']

Date: 1976

Creative Computing Magazine


Compute!'s first book of Atari

Creator: Compute! Publications, Inc

Date: 1981

De Re Atari (1982)(Atari)

Date: 1982

Designs from your mind with ATARI graphics

Creator: Rowley, Tom

Date: 1983

Dr. C. Wacko presents Atari BASIC and the whiz-bang miracle machine

Creator: ['Heller, David L', 'Johnson, John F']

Date: 1984

Dr. C. Wacko's miracle guide to designing and programming your own Atari computer arcade games

Creator: ['Heller, David L', 'Johnson, John F', 'Kurcina, Robert']

Date: 1983

Mapping the Atari

Creator: Chadwick, Ian

Date: 1985

Master memory map for the Atari

Creator: ['Patchett, Craig', 'Sherer, Robin']

Date: 1984


Creator: Optimized Systems Software

Date: 1983

Atari Macro Assembler

Creator: Atari

Date: 1981

The Michigan Atari Computer Enthusiasts Journal

Misc Old Stuff

Computer Lib/Dream Machines

Creator: Ted Nelson

Date: 1974

Computer Lib / Dream Machines

Creator: Ted Nelson

Date: 2021-03-16

Current Notes: The Newsletter of the Washington Area Computer Enthusiasts

Floppy Sleeves: Winter Frost Edition

Creator: Jason Scott

Date: 2019-01

MicroAdventurer Magazine

The Electronic Whole Earth Catalog

Creator: Stewart Brand, Kevin Kelly, Broderbund Software

Date: 1988

Load Runner Comic Book Collection

Date: 1983-01-04

Tandy/Radio Shack Book: Understanding Digital Computers (1978)(Radio Shack)

Date: 1978


Old Computer Games

The complete guide to electronic games

Creator: Blumenthal, Howard J

Date: 1981

Dark Haven: The Arena


Date: 1998-12-01

Public Caves Narrascope

Creator: Dave Kaufman

Date: 1973-08-01


Creator: Michael C. Toy; Kenneth C.R.C Arnold

Date: 1986-02


Creator: Artificial Intelligence Design

Date: 1983

Cheats, Art, Etc.

Square Enix Collected Works

Creator: Squaresoft, Enix, Square Enix, Platnium, Eidos


Visual Experiments Lain


Coders at Work. Reflections on the Craft of Programming

Creator: Peter Seibel

Date: 2009

Design patterns : elements of reusable object-oriented software

Creator: Gamma, Erich

Date: 1995

A pattern language : towns, buildings, construction

Creator: ['Alexander, Christopher', 'Ishikawa, Sara', 'Silverstein, Murray']

Date: 1977

Dr. Dobb's Developer Library DVD 6

Creator: Dr. Dobb's Journal

Date: 2010


Science Fiction

As on a darkling plain

Creator: Bova, Ben, 1932-

Date: 1972

The collected stories of Arthur C. Clarke

Creator: Clarke, Arthur Charles, 1917-

Date: 2000


Creator: Clarke, Arthur C. (Arthur Charles), 1917-2008

Date: 1955

The Cornelius chronicles, v.2

Creator: Moorcock, Michael, 1939-

Date: 1986

Galactic Aliens (1979)

Date: 1979

The year's best science fiction : eleventh annual collection

Creator: Dozois, Gardner R

Date: 1994

The magicians

Creator: Gunn, James E., 1923-

Date: 1976


Creator: Biggle, Lloyd, 1923-2002

Date: 1974

OMNI Magazine Archive

OMNI Magazine Collection

The other side of tomorrow : original science fiction stories about young people of the future

Date: 1973

The Star trek reader

Creator: ['Blish, James', 'Roddenberry, Gene']

Date: 1976

The Star trek reader III

Creator: ['Blish, James', 'Roddenberry, Gene']

Date: 1977

The Star trek reader IV

Creator: ['Blish, James', 'Roddenberry, Gene']

Date: 1978



Creator: Barnes, Steven

Date: 1991


Creator: Cadigan, Pat, 1953-

Date: 1991


Creator: Shirley, John, 1953-

Date: 1985

The hacker and the ants

Creator: Rucker, Rudy v. B. (Rudy von Bitter), 1946-

Date: 1994

Gnarl! : stories

Creator: Rucker, Rudy v. B. (Rudy von Bitter), 1946-

Date: 2000

Surfing the gnarl plus

Creator: Rucker, Rudy v. B. (Rudy von Bitter), 1946-

Date: 2012

Snow Crash Neal Stephenson

Date: 1992

The Hacker Crackdown

Creator: Bruce Sterling / scripts by RHowe HMD

Date: 1995-06-09

The Artificial Kid

Creator: Sterling, Bruce

Date: 1987

Mirrorshades : the cyberpunk anthology

Creator: Sterling, Bruce

Date: 1988

Crystal express

Creator: Sterling, Bruce

Date: 1989


Creator: Sterling, Bruce

Date: 1985

Globalhead : stories

Creator: Sterling, Bruce

Date: 1994


Creator: Bruce Sterling

Date: 2000


The first book of swords

Creator: Saberhagen, Fred, 1930-2007

Date: 1983

An armory of swords

Creator: Saberhagen, Fred, 1930-2007

Date: 1995

MANGA: Star Wars A New Hope

MANGA: Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back

MANGA: Star Wars Return of the Jedi

Myst : the book of Atrus

Creator: ['Miller, Rand', 'Miller, Robyn', 'Wingrove, David']

Date: 1995

Myst, the book of Ti'ana

Creator: Rand Miller

Date: 1996

Myst, the book of D'ni

Creator: ['Miller, Rand', 'Wingrove, David']

Date: 1997

Swords and deviltry

Creator: ['Leiber, Fritz, 1910-1992', 'Jones, Jeff']

Date: 1970

The swords of Lankhmar

Creator: ['Leiber, Fritz, 1910-1992', 'Jones, Jeff']

Date: 1968

Weird Stuff

If dinosaurs came to town

Creator: Mansell, Dom

Date: 1998

Max Headroom's Guide To Life

Creator: David Hansen and Paul Owen

Date: 1985

McElligot's pool

Creator: Seuss, Dr

Date: 1947

The Summer 2020 Artbook Collection

Creator: Various Creators

Translations from the Chinese

Creator: Waley, Arthur

Date: 1941

The ancient mysteries reader

Creator: None

Date: 1975

Role-Playing Games

Skyrealms of Jorune RPG

Creator: Various Authors

Date: 2016-05-15

Tsr 01011b Core Rules D& D Basic Rules Boxed Set

Tsr 01012 A Expert Rules ( Light Blue Box)

Tsr 01071 The D& D Rules Cyclopedia 305pages

Tsr 01088 AD& D Ravenloft Castles Forlorn ( 4 6)

Tsr 01106 Classic D& D Game

Tsr 01108 Ravenloft Campaign Setting 2nd Ed

Tsr 02001 Dungeons And Dragons Role Playing

Tsr 02009 AD& D Monster Manual

Tsr 02011 Advanced Dungeons & Dragons ( Ad& D) 1 St Ed Dungeon Master' S Guide

Tsr 02012 Fiend Folio

Tsr 02013 Deities And Demigods

Tsr 02100 AD& D Player's Handbook

Tsr 09031 AD& D The Rogues Gallery

Tsr 09331 AD& D Ravenloft RR 01 Darklords


The Space Gamer Magazine (Wargames)


Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks

Date: 1982

The Lord of Shadow Keep

Creator: Johnson, Oliver

Date: 1986

Steve Jackson's Sorcery

Date: 1983


The fractal geometry of nature

Creator: Mandelbrot, Benoit B

Date: 1982

The planiverse : computer contact with a two-dimensional world

Creator: Dewdney, A. K

Date: 1984


Charlie Hebdo Mohammed Cartoons And English Translation

Creator: Charlie Hebdo


Der Hungern Chronica : inhaltend wie sie anfenklich ins land kommen sind mit anzeygung aller irer König und was sie namhafftigs gethon haben : angefangen von ersten König Athila vñ volfüret biss auff König Ludwig so im 1526. Jar bey Mohatz vom Türcken vmbkommen ist

Creator: Thuróczy, János, approximately 1435-

Date: 1534

Ancient Ruins And Archaeology

Creator: L. Sprague De Camp

Date: 1946


Creator: Spiegelman, Art, author

Date: 2011

What a home should be

Creator: National Plan Service, Inc.

Date: 1957

Prefatio magistri iohannis de thwrocz : in primu[m] libru[m] Chronice hungaror[um] foeliciter incipit

Creator: ['Thuroczy, Janos, approximately 1435-', 'Matthias I, King of Hungary, 1443-1490, dedicatee', 'Rogerius, Archbishop of Split, approximately 1201-1266', 'Feger, Theobald, active 1484-1509, publisher', 'Ratdolt, Erhard, 1447?-1527 or 1528, printer', 'Barton, Thomas Pennant, 1803-1869, former owner. MB', 'Wessobrunn (Monastery), former owner. MB']

Date: 1488

This is Coffee

Creator: Vision Associates

Date: 1961