A number of little utilities you can put in your browser's favorites bar, just drag them up there.


Sometimes sites use a color scheme you don't like. Mono Light changes the page to black on white, with dark blue underlined links; Mono Dark changes the page to lightest-gray on darkest-gray, with light blue underlined links. You can edit the colors and font at the end if you have a different preference. Removing all stylesheets is possible, but it makes many sites unusable.

View Source

Adds a View Source option, which mobile browsers, and now Chrome, don't usually have. Displays HTML source and also plain text with all tags removed, which is useful for reading text in a giant blob of junk. Just reload the page to go back to normal view.

  • 📄View Source

  • Source (all the HTML in this requires the bookmarklet to be HTML-encoded):

document.documentElement.innerHTML =
    '<head><title>View Source</title></head>\n'+
    '<body><p>Source of <a href=\''+location.href+'\'>'+location.href+'</a></p>\n'+
    '<textarea rows=24 cols=80>\n<'+document.documentElement.nodeName+'>\n'+
    (document.documentElement.innerHTML).replace(/\&/g, '&').replace(/</g, '<').replace(/>/g, '>')+
    '<p>Plain text:</p>\n'+
    '<textarea rows=24 cols=80>'+document.getElementsByTagName('BODY')[0].innerHTML.
    replace(/<[^>]*>/g, '')+


Prompts for a birbsite URL and redirects you to a (mirror) instance instead.

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