MineCon without the Con

So, no convention. No social aspect. Can't meet anyone there. As previously noted about Kids Today™, it may be that you can't get anyone to go "outside" and "meet" people's faces with their faces. They hide in their bunkers and 'Zon all their shopping and never see the light of day, so streaming's the best they can do.

But this sucks. I only went to one: The Las Vegas MineCon 2011. Lines were already insane, merch was ridiculous, but there were people there I wanted to see. And I got an awesome red cape in game.

Also, the video is shockingly amateurish. Lydia/Minecraft Chick's not seen in this, just Jeb and fake-Notch there with the beard, ill-fitting clothes, and stupid hat. Microsoft paid Notch $3.5 billion for these bozos?