Antisocial Media

Even as people catch up with me and deletefacebook; and the ongoing dumpster–nay, all of New Jersey—on fire of Twitter; there are still quislings or dupes of the ad companies who think centralized "social media" was a good idea.

  • They want all their interactions mediated by one authority. Petty convenience beats security and self-determination.
  • They never understood RSS and didn't take the 15 minutes to read about it and get an RSS reader, preferring instead to spend that time looking at cat pictures and arguing about blue/gold dresses.
  • They don't want or understand having control of a domain and their own identity, so whoever squatted on @xxx first gets that name forever. Unless the platform owner steals it for someone more profitable.
  • They don't have/express opinions other than Party Orthodoxy, so have no reason to fear the Special Ban Police showing up in the night to take away their posts and social connections. And they haven't yet realized that the Party and Orthodoxy changes, but the police never do.
  • They want to make sure people they don't like, can't read the content they put in a public place to be indexed by Google, Facebook, and other ad companies. Unless the thought-criminal signs out or makes a bullshit account, circumventing their block.
  • Is this about you?