Atom Scrollbar Not Visible

Since last update, Atom's been hiding my big custom scrollbar, and after much confusion, I found issue #17002: Scrollbar disappearing/flickering when styled to increase width/height.

So for now, my ~/.atom/styles.less is a few pixels smaller but still obvious and grabbable (rest of the style sheet same as last post):

/* scroll bars should be grabbable */
.scrollbars-visible-always {
    ::-webkit-scrollbar {
        // FIXME:
        width: 14px !important;
        height: 14px !important;
    ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb {
        // based on
        // reversed light direction since we have no shine element
        background-color: rgba(60, 132, 198, 0.8);
        background-image: -webkit-gradient(linear, 0% 0%, 90% 90%, from(rgba(108, 191, 255, .9)), to(rgba(28, 91, 155, 0.8)) );
        border: 1px solid blue;
        border-radius: 8px;
        border-top-color: #8ba2c1;
        border-right-color: #5890bf;
        border-bottom-color: #4f93ca;
        border-left-color: #768fa5;
        padding: 1px;

On one hand, I'm pissed off that I have to fuck with my editor's internals for basic functionality; but on the gripping hand, it's so nice to have an editor I can fuck with the internals of.