WWDC 2018

Gonna go sit down to watch the WWDC stream. Right after I finish this coffee, shower, wear pants (or maybe not), play some videogames, write a little more code. Stay warm, hydrated, and wearing pants out there, Xcoders in actual line!

23 thoughts on “WWDC 2018”

  1. @mdhughes Hey, they made Xcode not look awful with a dark syntax theme! Best update ever if you still use Xcode!

    Desktop Stacks? You could just use folders (says a guy with a 7x13 grid of icons on his Desktop).

    They've remade Finder's Cover Flow to not flow.

  2. @mdhughes As chairman (and only member) of Cologne Choleric‘s Convention I would like to appoint you honorary member. I enjoy your comments, and feel a bit less crunky for getting grumpy by WWDC keynote (as every year)

  3. @mdhughes Animoji: If you're an idiot and an iPhone X owner (but I repeat myself), you can stick out your tongue at your phone. Memoji: Apple builds Miitomo just after Nintendo EOLs Miitomo.

  4. @mdhughes Did you know you can actually just turn your jobsdamned phone off, and not read social media or whatever when you need to do something? It's a great new skill called "willpower", you animals. Send me $20 for your first lesson in willpower.

  5. @mdhughes "Siri, record my custom phrase Travel Plans". "OK, creating Towel Puns." "Siri, Travel Plans." "Deleting laundry."

    So they've renamed Workflow to Shortcuts, but AFAICT it's only usable from Siri? So you can't pass any parameters in, just a batch file.

  6. @mdhughes Yeah, sure, AR is great. You can put an imaginary thing on a real thing as long as you look through a 4" screen. OR… You could just look at a 3D model. Since Apple's unlikely to ever ship AR glasses after the Google Glasshole fiasco.

  7. @mdhughes You can create anything you want with code! As long as it doesn't compete with our business model like Steam Link. Or show titties or dicks.

    Use Swift for these bland apps, which isn't stable, adds gigs of runtime to every app, and burns your CPU & battery down.

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