Julia String Concatenation

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Last time, I was uncertain about string concatenation, so I did a test:

#!/usr/bin/env julia

const kTestText = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789\n"
const kLoops = 10000

function stringString()
    s = ""
    for i in 1:kLoops
        s = "$s$kTestText"
    return s

function bufferString()
    sb = IOBuffer()
    for i in 1:kLoops
        print(sb, kTestText)
    return String(take!(sb))

function vectorString()
    sb = Vector()
    for i in 1:kLoops
        push!(sb, kTestText)
    return join(sb, "")

function typedVectorString()
    sb = Vector{AbstractString}()
    for i in 1:kLoops
        push!(sb, kTestText)
    return join(sb, "")

println("*** stringString")
@timev stringString()

println("\n*** bufferString")
@timev bufferString()

println("\n*** vectorString")
@timev vectorString()

println("\n*** typedVectorString")
@timev typedVectorString()

*** stringString
  1.100197 seconds (21.24 k allocations: 1.725 GiB, 15.94% gc time)
elapsed time (ns): 1100197167
gc time (ns):      175349222
bytes allocated:   1851904041
pool allocs:       11292
non-pool GC allocs:9950
GC pauses:         79

*** bufferString
  0.006864 seconds (11.80 k allocations: 1.134 MiB)
elapsed time (ns): 6864042
bytes allocated:   1189493
pool allocs:       11794
non-pool GC allocs:3
realloc() calls:   8

*** vectorString
  0.017380 seconds (26.68 k allocations: 2.191 MiB)
elapsed time (ns): 17380237
bytes allocated:   2297091
pool allocs:       26659
non-pool GC allocs:9
realloc() calls:   8

*** typedVectorString
  0.031384 seconds (44.75 k allocations: 2.999 MiB, 10.00% gc time)
elapsed time (ns): 31384383
gc time (ns):      3137654
bytes allocated:   3144221
pool allocs:       44730
non-pool GC allocs:8
realloc() calls:   8
GC pauses:         1

Well, there's me told off. I expected #1 typedVector, #2 vector, #3 buffer, then stringString way at the bottom. Instead the first 3 are reversed.

IOBuffer, as ugly as it is, is the clear winner. Vector did OK, but twice as much CPU & RAM loses. Amusing that typedVector is twice as slow and memory-heavy as the untyped (explained ). On larger loops, buffer gets slower, but vector remains a memory pig, and in GC that's unacceptable. Of course stringString is terrible, and it's almost exactly the same for string(s, kTestText).

Time to rewrite some text processing.