Nintendon't Fake NES Controllers

One of the few things I liked in the latest Nintendo Direct was "NES controller for Switch! Though there are good 3rd-party ones, but sweet."

Turns out this is a complete bullshit product: ArsTechnica says they only work with online, emulated NES. There's the Dick Nintendo I know and barely tolerate because they hate their players.

So, 8BitDo is still the best option.

3 thoughts on “Nintendon't Fake NES Controllers”

  1. @adiabatic I'd prefer a classic Atari flight joystick, maybe with a couple extra triggers, but nobody sells those. For a lot of jump-and-bump games, the NES pad was fine.

  2. @mdhughes I don't know why anyone would buy one of those, anyway. The NES controllers gave me Nintendo Thumb; the SNES ones were comfortable for extended play.

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