What I'm Watching: Adam Ruins Everything

So, up front: Adam Conover has a ridiculous shaved-side mullet and horrible suits that would look stupid on a christian boy band, let alone on someone trying to educate you. Whatever the modern fashion industry is, he ran thru the sewage runoff from it.

E1 does a good job of debunking TSA, safety caps on drugs, and Tylenol, and has good expert guests, especially Bruce Schneier on an iPad telepresence rig. The skits are amusing and get to the point.

E2 starts OK, with the car dealership scam, but rapidly collapses. He doesn't manage to mention that in many states Tesla has evaded the scam, and the FTC has started discouraging it. And then the anti-car diatribes start, clearly the work of someone who's never left a city or seen grass, trees, or the stars on a clear night in his life. While we could rebuild our cities for public transit and pack everyone into claustrophobic hive cities with total light and noise pollution, and total surveillance, the US is a huge country where many people prefer to commute from distant suburbs or little towns so they can live in peace and quiet away from you noisy, snooping motherfuckers. And the stoner kid and his friends in the skits are super annoying. FAIL.

E3 attacks police "forensics", and at least sticks to just a few characters for the skits, and kind of a plot. It's a little too uncritical of DNA analysis, which has been used for some of the same systematic frauds, and he keeps claiming the pigs have "unconscious" bias. The pigs know exactly what they're doing and why they're caging people on false pretenses.

Hmn. I like the premise, but Adam is moderately terrible at delivering it.