What I'm Playing: Looney Tunes World of Mayhem

Yes, yet another iPhone/Android gachapon game, this time based on our beloved Saturday morning cartoon time with The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Show. I have unkind thoughts about this genre of game, but you know, if you make one with some character I will play it to level cap, and sometimes pay for a pack later in the first week, just to get over the initial resource hump. That they're all the same except some combat gameplay tells you a lot about what kind of industrial wage-slaves make these things, though.

The classic music is there, though there's a lot of bridging music on loop. The cutscenes are fully-voiced, the rest of the game has little or no dialogue. Sadly, no audio sliders; you either have all sound on, or all sound off.

The art's classic WB style rendered in 3D; I'd prefer to have cel-shading outlines, sometimes it's a little muddy around the edges, and WB is supposed to be sharp and flat.

You're fighting cloned armies of toons created by Marvin the Martian, with your own cloned army of toons. The reatomizer sounds like The Case of Charles Dexter Ward.

Most of the game is turn-based combat with a handful of skills for each character, and the heavy ones have a cooldown of 2 or more turns; Bugs can push out a package full of dynamite, or burrow up behind someone and give 'em what for with a Louisville slugger, but then has to settle for a standard attack for a while.

So far this has been pretty good; there's tactics in characters who synergize with each other, or hate each other, so for instance my current team there is the starter Bugs Bunny as DPS mainly for the dynamite AOE attack, Hunter Yosemite Sam as my targeted DPS, starter Fishercat Sylvester Jr as healer/super-fast attacker, and Scout Sylvester as ninja (he hides after his big attack, so can't be targeted) and ally bonus with Fishercat. I just got Scout Leader Granny, who gives an Attack Up bonus to all Scout characters, so I could switch out Bugs for her, but I really don't need two heals. They give you a Scout Foghorn as a tank, but I play games in fast attack, not slow and tanky.

There are "PVP" missions to steal treasure chests from other players, guarded by a few of their toons. So far I've always won these and never had my chests stolen, but we'll see if it eventually turns on me when the cash-shop whales start mugging everyone.

And there's a World area, where you build & upgrade houses for toons, and send them on retrieval missions. I don't see that you get any other decorations or creative building options, it's very primitive, but maybe that'll be added.

Looney Tunes Mayhem-04

At Level 7, you unlock Alliances, and I created a Mastodon/Fediverse alliance, called "Mastodon".