What I'm Playing: AnotherEden - 1st Anniversary

I hadn't played since last Spring, but the anniversary event (check in now, should still be in your mailbox) gives a lot of crystals for summoning, and playing again I'm enjoying it a lot. I think it's back in heavy rotation.

Level caps have increased for a few characters, so Aldo is now 51/60, Miyu 56/60, Mighty 60/80, Riica 45/50, Deirdre 45/60, Amy 41/50, Lokido 60/80, Cyrus 41/50. And I nearly have enough books to class upgrade one or two 50s.

But I'm blocked on Soira 60/60, Bivette 60/60, Mariel 60/60 (needs a ton of books to class upgrade). I have so many lowbies, I have no idea which are any good and should be levelled right now.

I'm very confused by finding all the new stuff, I suppose I should read the last year's worth of update notices; I'd last read 1.2.100: IDA School. Unlike most mobile games, AnotherEden doesn't expire events (except "Encounters", character pull banners), so all the old quests are ready to play.

One noticeable thing immediately, there's a "Cat-alogue" where you tap on the kitties in each zone and add them to a list. And apparently there's "Cat Equipment", in the rewards list? Guess I'll find out. Today I picked up all the Medieval kitties I could find. Also, wandering around I found the Goblin King quest, which I'd never cleared out, and killed him twice. Nice to see my party's good for something.

There's a fishing system, hard to figure out where it starts, but apparently in Acteul, there's a boat that starts a quest? I think that's tomorrow's goal.

I found a quest in Miglance Castle for Miyu, which got me 4/30 Princess Psalms for her next class upgrade, and has multiple chapters, so that might be doable with a week of grinding. She's kinda just "Aldo in a dress" but sometimes that's what you need.

Of course the battery draining powers of this game are still in force, so now my phone's hot and charging up again.

… For some reason I can't upload my useless gallery of new chars, so I'll do that next time. I'm sure you're waiting with bated breath. (or baited, if you're a cat who eats fish)