Paid Twitter

I said years ago Twitter should have a paid no-ads tier.

But now, I think they should do microtransactions, with their own microcurrency, the birdseed (BS), roughly 1 BS = $0.01 but look out for bundle sales!

Emoji gachapon packs cost 300 BS for one pull, 3000 BS for a 10x with guaranteed S-tier; keep pulling, maybe you'll get that ? you need (0.00062% chance). Avatar from webcam/front camera only costs 1000 BS, avatar from anime builder is 200 BS, a new avatar "costume" or filter costs 100 BS, uploading a photo is 10,000 BS. Every post costs 10 BS, or special packs of 200 for 1500 BS. Faves cost 69 BS, of which 7 BS goes back to the faved person, quote-dunking costs 666 BS. Following costs 100 BS, blocking is free.

This would just about fix Twitter. In that nobody would put up with it (well, millions of phone gamers do, but there's sometimes an actual game under the microcurrency shit); but apparently they don't mind being spammed at which costs far more.

Or you can Join Mastodon for free, and not be on the same network as the orange shitgibbon and every crazy person screaming at each other because they don't know where the block button is. That's nice, too.