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So I like to watch videos of the games I play; maybe learn something, maybe just recognize "oh, I do that too". Parasocial but shared-ish experience.

The problem with a free, open source, often Linux-based game is, nobody has working sound. And they really don't have working mics on their broken dumpster-dived Thinkpads, or video editing software. So the MineTest youstubes are mostly divided into:

  1. No audio, sub-5-minute, incoherent flailing around.
  2. [CRACKLE DIGITAL SCREAM] FREE FRAPS quality audio/video, mostly children on PVP servers, and I like none of those things.
  3. Germans. And I'm not usually one to pick on anyone's appearance, but… maybe leave the selfie cam off if you fill 90% of the view. From across the room.
  4. Handful of good youstubers; some are non-English but I can muddle thru Spanish, a few words of Portuguese, or French.
  • New: SteleCat: Just started
  • Dee23Gaming: Modded, building series
  • duckgo: Author of SurviveTest, Portuguese but either little speech or the CC will actually work on some of it.
  • Richard Jeffries: Long creative/peaceful building series

There was another one, professionally done but rather boring where he just dug tunnels in his mine, laid down glass slab floors, and rarely came up to add to a kinda artsy tower, 100+ episodes… and it's gone. He's vanished, taken down his videos? And I'm drawing a blank on his name now so I can't even find out what happened.

If you have other suggestions, that are not 1-3, comment/tell me on fedi.

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  1. Very nice your post, I hope soon to see more minetest channels in activity, this would be very good for the growth and dissemination of the game.

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