Paranoid but Probably Correct Thoughts on Go

You know how Rob Pike made Go as a weapon for controlling junior devs who can't be trusted with sharp objects?

The key point here is our programmers are Googlers, they’re not researchers.
They’re typically, fairly young, fresh out of school, probably learned Java,
maybe learned C or C++, probably learned Python. They’re not capable of
understanding a brilliant language but we want to use them to build good software.
So, the language that we give them has to be easy for them to understand
and easy to adopt.
Rob Pike, saying the quiet part of a supervillain's monologue out loud

Then USGOV in Snow Crash, trying to use Asherah as a weapon. YT's mom's utterly pointless job. If they can control what's in a programmer's brain, they don't have to worry about intellectual property, because there's no intellect!

In Wild Palms (partly filmed by Kathryn Bigelow, and the WP Reader includes Pat Cadigan, Bruce Sterling, & Thomas Disch! So it's all true!), the mind-eating/immortality computer virus/drug is named Go! "Everything must Go!"


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Whew. So glad I finally connected those dots. It's been bugging me all week.