Xanadu Hypertext from the Future

In DDJ Jan 1983, there's an article:

"The Xanadu Hypertext System is a real and currently available product which can manage multiple differing versions of a single document."
Roger Gregory, "XANADU Hypertext from the Future"

Here in the actual future, this may come as some surprise, since Ted Nelson and Roger Gregory were never able to ship a usable version of Xanadu, as noted in the Wired postmortem; there's a viewer on Xanadu.com with no real editor or import/export system.

Computer dreams without substance, without actual working code.

In DDJ Apr 1983, Gregory files a "Mea no culpa" where he throws Chip Morningstar (of Habitat fame; Habitat did ship) under the bus.

This is great, 35-year-old tech industry drama beats current shit any day.