All Your Photos Are Belong to Us

If your photos are hosted on someone else's servers, it's not any better that it's a novelty fart/emoji app maker than the rotten corpse of Yahoo!, or Verizon which is only less-evil than the Evil Empire of AT&T by virtue of not having an actual Death Star as their logo.

You should have your photos on your computers, backed up as far away from your computer as possible, with the ones you want public shared on a site you control.

8 thoughts on “All Your Photos Are Belong to Us”

  1. @mdhughes I agree mostly. And I'm probably a bit extreme (I lost my master thesis when someone stole a computer from the university and since then ...) - my photos lives on an external disk, which is copied to a NAS and another external disk. The NAS (which have mirrored disks) is then mirrored to another NAS which lives in the apartment of a close relative. And I keep local copies of stuff I upload ... so I have no problem using services flickr/smugmug, if for some reason I couldn't use them I could uploaded them to another service as fast as their servers would allow.

  2. @mdhughes Good advice. I have multiple onsite and offsite backups of my photos. But.... I still love posting them (also) to Flickr.

  3. @jeffmueller DropBox is super convenient, but I don't feel I own something until I've run SuperDuper and Backblaze, and I should start putting drives in a safety box.

  4. @mdhughes Agree 100%. I need to get all of my pictures out of Dropbox and iCloud. I have most of them backed up locally on a NAS that pulls them down from Dropbox. But that's not good enough.

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