Don't Increment Your Chickens Before They're Hatched

It hasn't shown up in MacPorts yet, so I pulled down the tarball and did:

% make PLATFORM=macosx PREFIX=/usr/local/chicken5
% sudo make PLATFORM=macosx PREFIX=/usr/local/chicken5 install

Then added to .profile, before the MacPorts parts of my paths:

export CHICKEN5_HOME="/usr/local/chicken5"
export MANPATH="$MANPATH:$CHICKEN5_HOME/share/man"
export PATH="$PATH:$CHICKEN5_HOME/bin"

When I want to switch back to Chicken 4, or when MacPorts gets Chicken 5, I can just comment those lines out and start a new shell.

I run csi, and it errors out because readline isn't installed. And doesn't exist as an egg anymore. Instead, I did

% chicken-install -sudo breadline

And changed my ~/.csirc based on example

    (chicken-4 (begin
        (import miscmacros)
        (use readline)
        (install-history-file #f "/.csi_history")
        (current-input-port (make-readline-port))
        (printf "Chicken 4 READY~%")
    (chicken-5 (begin
        (import (chicken format))
        (import (chicken process-context))
        (import miscmacros)
        (import (prefix breadline "rl-"))
        (import (prefix breadline-scheme-completion "rl-"))
        (rl-history-file (format "~A/.csi_history" (get-environment-variable "HOME")))
        (rl-completer-word-break-characters-set! "\t\n\"\'`;|()[]{}")
        (rl-completer-set! rl-scheme-completer)
        (rl-basic-quote-characters-set! "\"|")
        (rl-variable-bind! "blink-matching-paren" "on")
        (rl-paren-blink-timeout-set! 200000)
        (current-input-port (rl-make-readline-port))
        (printf "Chicken 5 READY~%")

UGH, semi-random API changes, but it does a little more than raw arrow-key editing now.

sdl2 isn't ported yet, so I can't really progress with that, but I can do other things, and most of my code only needs a cond-expand changing use to import and renaming a bunch of eggs.