How Fast is My Scheme

I ran a dumb Sieve of Eratosthenes benchmark on a few Schemes. I have previously found idiomatic Swift 3,151x slower than C so surely a GC'd LISP can't do that great, right?

Chicken (compiled) and Chez do great; I would expect Chez to do better on a less numeric example, this kind of array-humping is what Chicken's perfect for, since it just compiles to C. Chicken's interpreter is ridiculous, in dev it's fine for seeing if something works, but you'd never ship that. Racket's sad, and it gets worse if you try to do anything productive. Biwascheme was impossible to even test properly, but at 10% completion it wasn't going to do anything useful.

Also, I want to complain about every Scheme having a different way to call the interpreter as a script, and invoke main with command line arguments. NOT A ONE of these are consistent, and only Chicken does what's reasonable.

# C - 100% C
mdh@Aegura:~/Code/CodeC% time ./primes 1000000 >~/tmp/primes-c.txt
./primes 1000000 > ~/tmp/primes-c.txt  0.05s user 0.00s system 92% cpu 0.054 total

# Chicken interpreter - 1.4% C
mdh@Aegura:~/Code/CodeScheme% time src/primes.scm 1000000 >~/tmp/primes-chicken.txt
src/primes.scm 1000000 > ~/tmp/primes-chicken.txt  3.74s user 0.12s system 99% cpu 3.872 total

# Chicken compiled - 26.2% C
mdh@Aegura:~/Code/CodeScheme% ./build.zsh primes
Compiling primes.scm
./build.zsh:40: no matches found: *.import.scm
Built bin/primes
mdh@Aegura:~/Code/CodeScheme% time bin/primes 1000000 >~/tmp/primes-chicken.txt
bin/primes 1000000 > ~/tmp/primes-chicken.txt  0.19s user 0.01s system 98% cpu 0.206 total

# Chez interpreted - 23.8% C
mdh@Aegura:~/Code/CodeSchemeOld/chez% time ./ 1000000 >~/tmp/primes-chez.txt
./ 1000000 > ~/tmp/primes-chez.txt  0.20s user 0.03s system 98% cpu 0.227 total

# Chez compiled - 23.9% C
mdh@Aegura:~/Code/CodeSchemeOld/chez% chez-compile.zsh primes
compiling with output to
mdh@Aegura:~/Code/CodeSchemeOld/chez% time bin/primes 1000000 >~/tmp/primes-chez.txt
bin/primes 1000000 > ~/tmp/primes-chez.txt  0.20s user 0.02s system 97% cpu 0.226 total

# Racket interpreter - 9.6% C
mdh@Aegura:~/Code/CodeRacket% time ./primes.rkt 1000000 >~/tmp/primes-racket.txt
./primes.rkt 1000000 > ~/tmp/primes-racket.txt  0.46s user 0.09s system 99% cpu 0.560 total

# Racket compiled - 12% C
mdh@Aegura:~/Code/CodeRacket% raco exe primes.rkt
mdh@Aegura:~/Code/CodeRacket% time ./primes 1000000 >~/tmp/primes-racket.txt
./primes 1000000 > ~/tmp/primes-racket.txt  0.37s user 0.07s system 99% cpu 0.443 total

# Biwascheme - 0.03% C
# Used stopwatch, took 13.89s for 100,000, couldn't get a result for 1,000,000