BBEdit 13

The "Pattern Playground"
Added the Grep Cheat Sheet.

I've been doing regexp for 35 years, and still don't remember every pattern (especially all the ?= stuff). So what chance do normal people have?

BBEdit allows you to make rectangular selections in documents for which "Soft Wrap Text" is turned on.

Woo! I use this all the time in my MultiMarkdown tables (sadly, "Columns" doesn't recognize them) and it was annoying having to switch to hard wrap (where I can't read any paragraphs), wait for it to reflow, edit table, switch back to soft wrap, wait for it to reflow.

The "Deploy Site" command for configured web projects will now:
Generate and upload HTML for Markdown (and Textile, if any such are in use) files.
Perform placeholder and include processing on HTML documents (including HTML generated from Markdown and Textile, if applicable).

Interesting, now you don't even need a static site generator. I could rebuild my neocities site with this…

Big changes to the way appearance and color schemes are managed. Settle in for the read:

Thank goodness! I'd had a couple serious color scheme bugs over the last version, and now it seems like I don't have to constantly resave my color scheme if I tweak it. In addition, I see it's leaving saves of my color scheme in ~/Documents/BBEdit Backups (maybe too many, if I screw around with sliders instead of typing hex RGB).

And tons more, these are just the ones that affect me daily.