Worst Year Ever?

  • 2016: Worst Year Ever? Ha ha no. slate
  • 2017: Worst Year Ever? Maybe. thetylt
  • 2018: Not as bad as 1968, according to Vietnam vet: usatoday But said vet could put himself thru school and buy a house and car on a middle-class job, so his comfortable sanctimony reads like Republican marketing bullshit now.
  • 2019: For once, nobody seriously suggests it's the worst year, except Brexit/Remain people. Everyone else in the world laughs at the English self-destructing.
  • 2020: Strong opening with a plague that may kill 119M+ people (7e9*0.5*0.034) because many governments are unwilling or incapable of testing and quarantining people, but let's see where this party goes. It's not even the Ides of March yet.