How to Work from Home


I've been working from home for years, and I've got a whole process:

  1. It's fine to wear bathrobe (or pajamas) for a while. Naked people get very little done.
  2. Breakfast and coffee time can be extended by playing videogames, watching TV, or reading comics.
  3. Switch to your work environment. If you have a home office, go there; if not, use multiple desktops to at least not work on the same screen as your browser or chat windows. Select appropriate work music.
  4. Try to get at least one item from your task list done. It's OK to take the lowest-hours problem if you think you can knock it out.
  5. Time for a little reward slacking off.
  6. OK, now it's lunchtime. Now you may need to be professional and wear pants/dress/kilt after lunch, or before if you're ordering in or going out. However, unless you go outside there's no reason to change out of slippers.
  7. Spend too long staring at your task list, going "uuuuugh."
  8. Say "good enough for one day!", check in/archive work.
  9. Goofing off time. Possibly time for a nap before dinner.
  10. If you think about the project, and record some tasks, that counts as "working late" and you can take any reward you want.
  11. Whiskey time.

There's all kinds of sanctimonious blowhards who tell you how to "be productive", "wear pants", "always be shipping". Forget them, this is a realistic schedule you can live by.

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