Smurf You, Gargamel

Mastodon 4.0.2 has been released, with one of the worst UI choices ever: Changing "Toot!" to "Publish!"

This aggression will not stand, man!

  • stupidcomments.css - now changes it back to Toot!, and hides the mastodon image. Import this into Safari with Preferences, Advanced, Style Sheet. The sheet also blocks a lot of comment forms and other crap, you can just delete all rules above and below the mastodon entry if you only care about that.

Update 2022-12-01, removed all the excess whitespace from the post UI, and enlarged emoji so I can read them. Maybe too much, but I like it. If you're not so happy with that, edit (carefully!) and remove the padding rules, or change 0 to 4px or 8px to taste; you'll have to use Safari preferences to un-choose and then re-choose the file to make it reload.



Sidebar after:

Footnote about the title, because it's come up from yapping commenters who know nothing: Peyo, the artist who created the Smurfs, was emphatically not anti-semitic, Gargamel is not a racist stereotype, he's just an evil/misguided alchemist character borrowed from Rabelais, and we mock "Gargron" with his name. You savages. How dare you.