Oh, early June, the season of Linux & Windows weenies whinging about WWDC, because their parties aren't as cool as the Mac nerds' parties (imagine: 3 Linux dorks awkwarding in a dorm room). Despite my bailing on the Apple developer thing, I miss being there for the parties.

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I'm awake, and super bored, but let's not go thru my thousands of open tabs or bookmarks for things to read. That's too much effort.

I just looked for the fps/ping meter in the bottom-left of my screen. Not in ESO, not on my desktop, but in the corner of my eyes.

This is such a terrible game.

Dear White People

Watching "Dear White People" because I want to empathize with the Kids Todayâ„¢. Cute black girl is racking up a shitload of FCC fines by saying "shit" on her college radio show. Also, reel-to-reels haven't been a thing for 30 years.
Note: I am a former college radio DJ.

"You do realize all we do is complain about things! It is as though Americans would have no identity if not for their near-constant outrage. I know so much about what you don't like, what do you all like, eh?"
"Breakfast for dinner?"
"Waller house has breakfast for dinner."
"Mm-hmm. Omelets, things like that. A good scramble, maybe avocado!"
"See, we like stuff!"

PERFECT. Racial divide bridged forever.

I just saw a man wearing a bluetooth earpiece, jabbering away to the air about a meeting and the family of his schizophrenic hallucination^W^W phone caller, and I realized I prefer the horrible nightmare future we've ended up in to the '90s/'00s where that guy still lives.