Where Did Music Go?

Listening to these performances from 1979, when I was a kid, and they sound so much better than anything new.

"A lot of you might not've heard it, because we've only just become fashionable."
—Lemmy, 1979, throwing all the shade at new-fans

It is very weird to me that there's been basically no new music made in the last 20 years. Some '80s-'90s bands keep truckin' along, Reznor, TOOL, and Mustaine still rock. We get some last-gasp geriatrics from Black Sabbath and Van Halen. There's like a half-dozen good new retro bands like Raveonettes, Within Temptation, Zeal & Ardour, BABYMETAL. A very few good new bands like Anamanaguchi; most chiptune is shit, but the 'guch are half rock 'n roll. I liked Slime Girls a few years ago, but that's trashy pop. Rock ain't dead but it's on life support. All the hardcore bands are gone. Rap is in a sad state when Snoop Dogg, bad joke of the '90s, is a top star of the present.

What are the kids listening to? Literally muzak, neutered Madonna imitators like Spears, Swift, and Gaga, and sucker MCs like Drake.

Yeah, yeah, I'm a cliché: Unfrozen caveman John Spartan doesn't like "mini-tunes" the kids listen to, put him back in the fridge. Middle-aged man wears black leather and wants the kids to scream into their speakers and mosh in a pit, and they dress like yuppies and want an early bedtime and quiet background noise.