Apocalypse Tuesday Music

I play a lot of "old" music because it reminds me of the time.

'80s pop, because I really thought things could only get better, if we lived thru the Cold War (which I put at 5-10% odds depending on what shit Reagan had done that day).

'90s industrial, metal, and punk (old and post- whatever) because kicking out the bastards seemed possible, and we needed to be angry for it.

… And the only music I've liked of the last 20 years is repeats of those. That giant dump of vaporwave I got is great anodyne nothingness that sounds exactly like '80s pop played over muzak speakers at a mall (remember malls?! I lust for a food court lunch, full shopping bag, and checking out bored housewives & sorority chicks). I love it because it's soulless and derivative. There's a few old artists (as in, my age) still making stuff I like, Trent Reznor's Ghosts V & VI were bleak horrorshows which is just what I ordered, and occasional Corrosion of Conformity, Front Line Assembly, Gary Numan, etc. to keep me in the mood.

So anyway. Happy Tuesday. Most of us made it one more day, which is about the best we can ask for.

DO NOT TAUNT 2020. It can always get worse.