I'm awake, and super bored, but let's not go thru my thousands of open tabs or bookmarks for things to read. That's too much effort.

I just looked for the fps/ping meter in the bottom-left of my screen. Not in ESO, not on my desktop, but in the corner of my eyes.

This is such a terrible game.

Important sanity-preserving note: "Don't read the comments" especially applies to Haxxor Nooz, Readdat, and Stuck Underflown (anti-SEO naming). Where's the "block" button on these sites, other than just blocking the whole site? And everyone I want to block has a "score" over 10K.

Medium (neither rare nor well-done) is the poster child for why you should own your own blog-posting. They shut down custom domains so you had to use their brand. Now they've shut down any monetization except "claps" giving a few pennies from a Medium membership which nobody buys.

Trust no-one with your content!